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Interview INGRID KUIJPERS, May 3 2011 - English translation

Posted 16 Aug 2011 at 16:42 PM by Culto

Tuesday May 3, 2011

'Osama's death is a strange kind of justice'

Family and friends of IngeBorg Lariby, the only Dutch victim of nine eleven, are happy with Osama bin Laden's death. "but we don't get IngeBorg back with that." Osama bin Laden is maybe just a man, Ingrid Kuijpers says, a close friend of IngeBorg Lariby. "But he was the figurehead of all the terrible evil that's behind it, all the unimaginable sorrow this man inflicted.

Lariby, who worked in the World Trade Center in New York and perished during the 9/11-attacks at the age of 42, was a pretty, flamboyant woman of the world, Kuijpers says. A very good friend and he ended that life and the lives of so many others totally unnecessary. And he gave a nasty twist to the lives of her loved ones, including mine. It's a strange kind of justice, but that's just the way it feels.
On 9/11/2001 Kuijpers really was in 'serious crisis.' I saw the attacks as they happened and I knew IngeBorg was in New York and she worked in the WTC. What to do? You see it and you try to figure out what's actually happening. We were busy all day just figuring out anything. For a while there were reports that she was on holiday. But then I heard from her parents that they had been in contact with her after. Lariby had made a phone-call from the 93rd floor of the WTC. When a plane flew into the first tower, she called her parents to reassure them. For it wasn't her tower. She hang up and then her parents saw the second plane flew into her tower. It's unimaginable what these people lived through at that moment. And yet, even then we kept hope. Lariby worked there as manager for Regus Business Corporation.


Kuijpers: "she was a woman of the world, she knew very well about life. Definately at home in New York, but also in the world. It was there were her parents went searching for her, after the attacks. They visited any place. Every day hope diminished. Kuijpers also did her utmost. "You feel the hope diminish. And then you must acccept it." For Kuijpers this moment came during the official memorial, shortly after the attacks, which was in fact exclusively for family members. Her parents couldn't handle it, neither her sister. That's why I and another friend of her's represented the family. So there we were standing, in between the still not removed piles of debris of the WTC. We were given a little box with ash, just like all the other family-members, with debris of the WTC. Just symbolically, because nothing was found back of many of the victims.

Kuijpers' voice falters for almost a minute. There I heard from people who were able to get away. IngeBorg stayed on her floor, because she was the boss. She helped people going downstairs after the attack on the first tower took place. Why? Damn, she could have been here today. That's so damn sour.
Yesterday IngeBorg's parents announced that they, just like Kuijpers, are relieved and happy that justice could be served. Still, they have a hard time talking about their daughter's death. "It remains a fact that we don't get IngeBorg back by it."
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