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NWO Agenda vs. Modern Science Paradox: My Derailed Train(s) of Thought

Posted 21 Nov 2016 at 23:04 PM by griff
Updated 23 Feb 2017 at 22:53 PM by griff

TL:DR = Griff is tired of all this crap and blowing off steam.

Special Note: Through the editing of this post, I must express my sincere respect to those researchers whose bloodhound sense of scent can keep them focused on a single "trail" through all the "rabbit holes".

It is a formidable task to maintain that focus, and you dedicated researchers have my utmost respect.

Sadly, my trains of thought often end up on (usually relevant) sidings, but I will try to keep this one on the main track as much as possible. With that in mind:

All Aboard!

Anyone who has taken even a modicum of critical time on these boards can see the many different layers of global control over every single aspect of our lives by TPTSNB, and the power and influence they wield over us.

I have many paradoxes where the NWO are involved but, in reality, they are all one and the same. Sooner or later, something makes it rear its ugly head and I have to think out loud.

For references to where this train is going, please read the following short threads before proceeding:

1. http://letsrollforums.com//dna-editing-breakthrough-could-t32041.html?t=32041

Because I suffer from poor eyesight, this article naturally grabbed my attention...

This truly is an amazing potential medical breakthrough, but I use it only as an example of one of the thousands of potential scientific breakthroughs that could be so beneficial to all of humanity were it not for TPTSNB.

2. http://letsrollforums.com//guiding-direction-modern-science-t31804.html?t=31804

Critical observers know and understand that part of the mission of Agendas 21 and 2030 are to reduce the global population. Why would ANY scientific breakthrough be good news for us, the useless breathers, who are sucking up all the elite's oxygen and resources?

The referenced DNA article has many aspects that could be used as examples for this post, but I think the opening quote will serve as the best and simplest:

Originally Posted by thunkerdrone View Post
...‘The possible applications of this discovery are vast,’ scientist says Ian Johnston [S]cience Correspondent...
That, to put it mildly, is an understatement. One could substitute the word "ramifications" for "applications"; the "applications" will be for the elite, the "ramifications" will be ours to deal with.

I cite the DNA article only as representative of ALL potential "scientific breakthroughs" in all areas of science/life-science, that are alleged to be to "our" mutual benefit.

On the surface, these potential breakthroughs sound wonderful to anyone reading about them but realistically, how will any of my three generalized groups (please read on) benefit?


After reading Reference 1, my initial "Wow, that would be great!" moment was immediately dope-slapped by reality with Reference 2.

As the dope-slap stars cleared, the question looming before me (as always) was/is:

Who REALLY benefits from these breakthroughs in relation to us, as opposed to the NWO/TPTSNB?

While reading the above DNA article, I immediately thought of how this (and thousands of other) "breakthroughs" affect the different "mind-sets/groups" that are prevalent in current modern society.

Because the control of TPTSNB is so multifaceted and all-encompassing, I am using generalizations to present my train(s) of thought. Admitting that "all generalizations are false", I trust you will be able to find aspects in and of your own lives where these generalizations could apply.

There are three general "mind-sets/groups" I will use.

Please note: I have, and have had, card-carrying membership in all three "mind-sets/groups", and speak from my own experience:

the "Naive": Those whose "circle of influence" seldom is exposed to the realities of the NWO. They either strictly rely on what the MSM presents, and/or are so involved with their status within their techno-social networks that they are oblivious to anything else. (I won't call them "Sheeple" because that's TPTSNB's name for ALL of us.)

Being "Naive" I read about these breakthroughs and get giddy with the possibilities.

After all, look at all the advancements/technologies that have come about in my lifetime that have "enhanced" my life and made it so much "easier".

Ok, they haven't, they have only distracted me and served to increase the size of the shackles that bind me to TPTSNB. But hey! The MSM spins it so well and covertly, that it comes across to me like the sweet smell of a perfectly cooked Thanksgiving dinner...

...and being "Naive", I'll sit down to that wonderful Thanksgiving dinner and forget all about the "potentially wonderful breakthrough". It won't happen in my lifetime anyway, right? Besides, it was only one of those parting shot, "pie-in-the-sky" blurbs at the end of the evening news...Would you please pass the sweet potatoes?

TPTSNB just love the "Naive"s to death...literally...in addition to the clandestine experiments they perform on humanity (this board is full of examples), they also gladly accept volunteer guinea pigs from this group.

There won't be many, but a few people will blindly (no pun intended) volunteer to be a part of this experiment thinking it will help themselves and, by proxy, all humanity.

Their numbers will be few and of low profile so that when things go awry, they can easily be covered up. Any superfluous positive results will just be a future news-ending "warm-fuzzy" blurb to keep the cycle going, while all actual forward progress will be meticulously documented and utilized only to the benefit of the TPTSNB.

the "Ostrich": Those whose "circle of influence" often exposes them to the realities of the NWO but they choose to "hide" from them and/or deny their existence. (Some of them then feign being "Naive".)

Being an "Ostrich", I read about these breakthroughs and think only rich people can afford this to keep up their "appearance of youth". I'll never live to see it be affordably beneficial to me and I'm not going to be their guinea pig.

That, and I know that the government will just utilize it in their building of the "super-soldier"/law enforcement entity and I don't want to think about that...so it's head back in the sand for me. You heard what in the news? Yeah...I must have missed that one...

the "Aware": Those whose "circle of influence" acknowledge the realities of the NWO, try to expose other "mind-sets/groups" to these realities and with that knowledge, effect positive change to those realities.

Being "Aware", I read about these breakthroughs and think that TPTSNB are trying to "play God", perfecting their "fountains of youth". How many will suffer at their hands in their effort to achieve immortality? I don't know and it really tears my shirt that any positive forward progress will be utilized in an effort to suppress/eliminate me. How can I prevent this?

Well, the fact is; I can't prevent it. Those of the "Aware" "mindset/group" can and will put up all resistance possible anywhere they feel confident in combating TPTSNB.

The sad truth is that we, regardless of our desires and efforts, will never be able to completely stop TPTSNB.

At best we can, and do at every opportunity, slow down their efforts and make things difficult for them. Ultimately, this whole world is going to go down and be reset, and TPTSNB are going to go down with it.

Our task is to make more folks "Aware" of what is going on and prolong TPTSNB's efforts of total control, safe in the knowledge that "they" will NEVER have COMPLETE control because, in the end, they are only humans.

Regardless of their self-preserving DNA modifications, etc., they too, will be part of the ultimate statistic:

10 out of 10 die!

I suppose this ended up being more of a scenic railway than a direct route...in that regard, I hope you got some good pictures to take home with you and perhaps share with others.

The journey is equally as important as the destination.

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