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Derailed Trains of Thought on "Balogneyvirus": Part 2

Posted 12 Apr 2020 at 18:34 PM by griff

In case some folks aren't seeing the big Agenda 21/30/50 actions being deployed before our very eyes, consider this (rhetorical question): Are you having trouble finding toilet paper on the shelves of your local stores? Would you like to know why?

Anyone who knows anything about the manufacturing industry is familiar with the acronym JIT. What is JIT? JIT stands for "Just In Time", meaning that goods and services are to be provided/delivered exactly when needed.

The problem with JIT is that it reduced warehouses of reserves that used to be available for just such times of shortage as we are experiencing today.

I've mentioned elsewhere where things seem to be on a roughly 20 year lag...JIT is just around 20 years old now, and is showing itself to be exactly the "aid to crisis" it was designed to be.

JIT is just another link in the shackle of chains the goobermints use to maintain their control.

JIT came about solely due to banker-manipulated, puppet-governments heavily taxing finished goods: meaning - if I were a paper manufacturer and had warehouses full of components to make toilet paper, and/or warehouses of finished rolls of paper, I would be taxed on those components/finished goods due to their being a "physical property".

Therefore, manufacturers closed warehouses (laying off employees) to reduce costs, and "relied" on "global" production to meet their needs *Just In Time* to produce product relative to current consumer flow.

Since governments have now penalized manufacturers for having appropriately "excess" inventory, the manufacturers have fallen prey to them, leaving some folks to seek corn shucks or spewspapers for toilet paper...and the ramifications spread across all global goods and services.

People still laugh at "preppers' and those of us who live "minimalist" lifestyles, and no, "we" are not wholly immune to the bullcrap that is being flung into the government fans in this day, but I've got to say I'm glad I have been a "packrat" for most of my life, and have always tried to NEVER rely on someone else - particularly a lieing, scheming, puppet government - to look after the well-being of myself or my family.

Any country that must rely on another country to provide the basics for it's populace has sold out to the NWO.

I pray that you will take any appropriate actions you can in this later stage of Agenda development!
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    Thanks for the JIT insight, Griff!
    Posted 27 May 2020 at 21:33 PM by Ruby Gray Ruby Gray is offline

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