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    Derailed Trains of Thought on the "CORVID19/Corona Virus"

    Right on the money as usual, Griff!
    Posted 27 May 2020 at 21:35 PM by Ruby Gray Ruby Gray is offline
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    Derailed Trains of Thought on "Balogneyvirus": Part 2

    Thanks for the JIT insight, Griff!
    Posted 27 May 2020 at 21:33 PM by Ruby Gray Ruby Gray is offline
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    griff's Avatar

    My Little "Drop in the Bucket"

    Thank you for your comment, Patrick.

    I am (now) familiar with many cases that have been won, and won't get caught short again.

    While I will allow folks to do their own due diligence (because cases differ), I will share some tips to help figure some of it out.

    My birth-given name is Steven Griffith Grumbein, that is how I sign my full signature...and here are some tips:

    1. NEVER sign ANY documents without having everything FULLY EXPLAINED, to your satisfaction and even then, ONLY sign specific portions that you understand cannot increase/alter any charges brought against you, and with your personally hired counsel's approval (see tip #2)! Otherwise, you are giving them FULL PERMISSION to continue to charge/prosecute as they see fit and you are likely to lose.

    2. No matter your financial stature - NEVER settle for a "Court Appointed Lawyer", they are NOT fighting for you, they are getting paid whether you are convicted or not. Your own PAID counsel will actually fight for you, and if conditions warrant, can counter-charge for damages, dramatically improving your odds (and potentially, counsel's paycheck).

    3. Note that there are only three capital letters in my birth-given name NOT - "STEVEN GRIFFITH GRUMBEIN" - in ALL CAPS - as is shown on all legal documents, therefore, the "accused" (in all caps) does not exist (is a "straw man"), but CAN BE REPRESENTED by myself as Steven Griffith Grumbein, which is where many of these cases are being won by savvy individuals.
    Posted 9 May 2018 at 17:50 PM by griff griff is offline
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    patrick jane's Avatar

    My Little "Drop in the Bucket"

    Good post above griff, good to hear. I'll try looking it up maybe but there was a guy who sued the federal govt dozens of times and won nearly every case. They explained in the video what his methods and tactics were and he followed every jot and tittle and just won every time, by himself.
    Posted 8 Apr 2018 at 00:53 AM by patrick jane patrick jane is offline
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    griff's Avatar

    My Little "Drop in the Bucket"

    LOL! A bank robber, eh? I'd like to hear about your Memorial Day episode too!

    In the meantime, I'll share my scariest/funniest experience with a State Trooper from back when I was young and stupid (...at least, I'm older now...):

    One day some friends of mine (all of us 17 years old, full of piss & vinegar(and stupidity)) and I decided to skip school (in Palmyra, PA., where we were born & raised) and make a run to South-of-the-Border, South Carolina via Interstate 95 to get some fireworks.

    I had the "pedal to the metal" until we got pulled over for speeding by your stereotypical, pot-bellied, "red-neck" Virginia State Police Officer (think:Jackie Gleason's "Buford T. Justice").

    We were having a grand old time until he stepped up to my open window and bellowed "Give me your driver's license and registration!"

    I got serious pretty quick, thinking I was going to be in deep kim-chee with the Police, my parents and my school, and I presented my documents expeditiously and in all somberness (my friends weren't of the same mind-set and kept carrying on in the car).

    When he returned with my documents he said, "Just what the HELL do you think you're doing going 96.4 on my f*ing highway!?!"

    I don't remember most of what he said after that as I was trying to get the other guys to shut up and get serious (they were too busy laughing about the ridiculous impossibility of achieving that "break-neck" speed in a 1975 AMC Hornet station wagon loaded with 4 passengers).

    All I knew was that I was getting my butt royally chewed just before he told me to get out of the vehicle, at which point, the most boisterous of our crowd leaned over from the rear passenger seat and asked, "Jeez, man, what do you want him to do, buy a couple of tickets to the Policeman's Ball, or what!?!".

    The Trooper drew in a slow, deep breath and then, as he authoritatively hitched up his belt, delivered his own coup de gras through gritted teeth with...and I quote...:

    "Virginia Policemen DO NOT HAVE BALLS!"

    ...My friends were practically falling out of the car with delirious laughter, hooting "Virginia Policemen don't have balls!", while I sat, clutching the steering wheel in white-knuckled fear, just knowing I was surely going to jail...

    ...You know, in cartoons when someone gets mad, how the "red" starts at the collar and slowly rises to the top of the head while steam comes out their ears?...

    For a brief moment, a look of absolute rage crossed his face as he threw my license and registration at me and exploded "Get your f*ing a**es out of my sight, and don't ever let me see you on my highway again!", and stormed back to his car as my friends continued howling (and while I found the nearest exit, turned around, and made a speed-legal dash for home, never to try that stunt again (and I never did receive a citation )).
    Posted 18 Nov 2017 at 15:02 PM by griff griff is offline
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    Truthissweet's Avatar

    My Little "Drop in the Bucket"

    Ah, 9/11/12 still fresh in my mind. I get stopped at around 8:20 am on a sunny 9/01/01 type day. A bank robbery occurred the day before in the area by the Bucket List Bandit. An over-zealous cop stops me while walking to Mcds. He thinks I am the bank robber maybe because I had my bookbag and wearing cargo shorts and a Hendrix t-shirt (wearing the shirt in my photo album on LRF), lol.

    This little shit has the nerve to ask me for ID even though I asked for photos that could show me I looked like bank robbery. I refused to give ID until I saw the pictures. Two other patrol cars show up. My officer asks them if they have any pics of bank robber. They did and I did not look like robber. Even the other two policemen laughed saying I didn't look like robber.

    Didn't matter, I gave cop my ID, he ran it and I passed, lol. Yet, the little shit wanted my address and phone number. I told him no on phone number because I passed his background check.

    Off I went for coffee. Most cops are good in my area but there some younger cops who have an obvious vendetta. I will tell you my '09 Memorial Day PA trooper encounter next.
    Posted 10 Nov 2017 at 13:54 PM by Truthissweet Truthissweet is offline
    Updated 11 Nov 2017 at 11:19 AM by Truthissweet

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