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Posted 3 May 2011 at 22:14 PM by spanner


America is great because she is good. If America ceases to be good, America will cease to be great.

Even the quote becomes suspicious, as to who stated what, and when, but the church of yesterday and yesteryear, she is gone, why? That too, is debatable, but change filtered into the church, and as if over night, her morality was over, thus the quote that America is great because she is good but America was only 'good' as long as those who held the 'standard' stood fast upon their foundation. Consider, that of the bully that resides in many neighborhoods throughout all of the land, he or she does not have to 'whip' everyone in that neighborhood in fact, they do not have to fight for the title at all, if the messenger runs in front warning the 'tuff'' kid that this new feature is a golden glovee or karatee champ. More than likely, the existent bully will not want to be 'replaced' or look weak to all those he/she once bantered about, flexing themselves as the reckoning force to be dealt with, but the new champ, could be a wimp, as long as no one knows, all the better. This new 'kid' on the block came in with a noise and convinced the 'good' that she needed to lay aside the 'message' that kept the youth from coming in among the church. The church began building basketball, baseball, and all kinds of youth oriented games to attract those whose interest it peaked, and that in and of it's self was not bad, but someone forgot to tell the adults, the deacons, elders, laity, and even the minister that these games were for the children, but the adults should be involved in a more adult game - learning about God and seeking the understanding of His Word. Most left off the reason why this should be accomplished, for the reasoning of questions, to establish themselves upon a firm foundation, and to secure a nation for and unto God, for the future generation to have and to hold and work and be blessed in the doing of such in their life and that of children and grandchildren.

Somehow the ministers assumed that just the presence of being in the church on a weekly basis would somehow take care of all the problems that would show forth within the walls, but time and distance would bring forth nationalities that did not grow up in the church nor held such a belief as that the church had held. A new clientele came forth and this group did not like the message of God saves and the method by which He would do so, as that through His Son Jesus Christ, no they desired more avenues, after all, they came from a culture that was more strict and did not tolerate disobedience among their youth and did not bow down or cater to the youth but placed demands that had to be met, in other words, they through 'fear' had established a base that in disobedience would result in a punishment they did not desire. The church however, was instructing it's base upon 'love' and that is a good thing if one places a balance like that of the basketball goals or the baseball fields and who and why they are needful only for a specific group and not to the adults. They spoke and still speak volumes about love and ignore the fundamental basics of both the old and the new testament, they spoke about no judgment for the Christian, but only love, they did all they could to make God identify with the adult and not the adult trying to identify with God, God became their servant, not they became God's servant. They left off punishment of those whom reject and go away from God, and played the parable of the 'prodigal son' to it's Nth degree, they forgot that whom God loves He will chastise and even remove them at the point of death, but this was not emphasized. They embraced the stranger in the land, not out of love, but out of convenience and their own prejudicial ramblings of equalization and diversity, but did not love the individual enough to want to share heaven and eternity with them. They did not tell the sinner that he/she was on a fast track to hell, but by diversity, chose not to honor their God and Savior for gain and embarrassment sake, they left off the great command of God that was given again by Jesus Christ, to love God with all their heart, soul, and mind, the impossible command. They made assumptions that in receiving Christ as a buddy or friend, He would overlook their being 'ashamed' of Him and His Father and omitted the reading of the second command to 'Love your neighbor as yourself'' not caring nor desiring to tell their neighbor about the only One path to heaven is through Jesus Christ and the forsaking of one's self, they cared not for their neighbor nor their eternal life. In doing such, they denied the only true God and Savior Jesus Christ, and spoke volumes of acceptance and love for all men/womankind, and attacked those that were performing the great commission as archaic and non-understanding of the 'deeper and finer' matters of the Bible, which of course, only they could know.
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