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Derailed Trains of Thought on the "CORVID19/Corona Virus"

Posted 30 Mar 2020 at 18:44 PM by griff

Sorry for another "drive-by" posting...

Ok, since I don't have much time to be here (and I wish I had more time to share on some recent threads), imma just throw out my thoughts on this CORVID19/Corona Virus (read:morbid19/bologna (baloney) virus):


Regardless of "who" thinks "what" about the current "global manipulation" and/or of becoming "ill" from a "man-made, patented-by-the-British-in-the-US-toxin" (and if man made it, you can bank on it that the cure already exists, or they couldn't/wouldn't release it). Go Bankers/Big Pharma, Go, RAH, RAH, RAH!

In addition to what everyone else is pointing out about the bogicity of the "threat", am I the only one seeing this as a "huge Agenda 21/30/50 social experiment" (consolidate, isolate, eliminate)?

In short, please consider these thoughts, and I welcome any feedback...if I'm off my gourd, please don't hesitate to let me know (thoughts are numbered only for easier reference, not necessarily in order of importance):

1. 5G rollout happening all over, hidden in the background now by baloney virus

2. baloney virus "just happens" to "take all headlines" within a week of a major protest against the 5G rollout (5G being instrumental in increasing the potential of ANY illness/virus, as previously posted http://letsrollforums.com//showpost....9&postcount=17 and http://letsrollforums.com//5g-crisis-t32730.html )

3. travel restrictions preventing "right to "free passage"" and restrictions on the "right to assemble" are imposed, with local principalities filling their coffers through fining those who actually have nothing to fear in reality, and try to live what "used" to be their "normal" lives (in some areas around here, there are actually roadblocks and checkpoints, where if your "papers/reason for travel" aren't in order, you will be fined and/or escorted back from whence you came).

4. as "we" can no longer legally congregate, "we" must rely on governmentally-controlled, 5G social media platforms to interact, thereby increasing the data that can, and is being gathered on and about "us", which only serves to give "them" greater "control/manipulation" of the populace

5. most people are two-income households (thanks to social programming), and are being hammered by all the disruption in their lives (...all the better to set them up for "the solution", my dear...).

These are just some of my main derailed trains of thought on this, and having been largely belittled and berated for my minimalist lifestyle, I will now watch this circus, and I will break my bread with any who desire to watch it with me.

I wish everyone well, and God's Blessing (whether you believe or not) to you all, until this latest "create-a-crisis" steps aside to allow the next one to enter.

Farewell (...and absolutely NOT meant in a final sense of the word, lol)!
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    Right on the money as usual, Griff!
    Posted 27 May 2020 at 21:35 PM by Ruby Gray Ruby Gray is offline

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