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Derailed Trains of Thought on "Balogneyvirus": Part 2

Posted 12 Apr 2020 at 18:34 PM by griff

In case some folks aren't seeing the big Agenda 21/30/50 actions being deployed before our very eyes, consider this (rhetorical question): Are you having trouble finding toilet paper on the shelves of your local stores? Would you like to know why?

Anyone who knows anything about the manufacturing industry is familiar with the acronym JIT. What is JIT? JIT stands for "Just In Time", meaning that goods and services are to be provided/delivered exactly when needed.
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Derailed Trains of Thought on the "CORVID19/Corona Virus"

Posted 30 Mar 2020 at 18:44 PM by griff

Sorry for another "drive-by" posting...

Ok, since I don't have much time to be here (and I wish I had more time to share on some recent threads), imma just throw out my thoughts on this CORVID19/Corona Virus (read:morbid19/bologna (baloney) virus):


Regardless of "who" thinks "what" about the current "global manipulation" and/or of becoming "ill" from a...
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My Little "Drop in the Bucket"

Posted 7 Nov 2017 at 23:11 PM by griff

What can one person do against TPTSNB?

Only you can answer for yourself, but if you could delay the NWO for only ONE second, would it not be worth the effort? Think what millions of individual efforts could accomplish!

As mentioned in a previous thread, I have challenged authority from an early age. Please note: I have always RESPECTED authority, but will always question it where applicable.

I'm no hero and have a felony conviction (under duress, and for another...
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NWO Agenda vs. Modern Science Paradox: My Derailed Train(s) of Thought

Posted 21 Nov 2016 at 23:04 PM by griff
Updated 23 Feb 2017 at 22:53 PM by griff

TL:DR = Griff is tired of all this crap and blowing off steam.

Special Note: Through the editing of this post, I must express my sincere respect to those researchers whose bloodhound sense of scent can keep them focused on a single "trail" through all the "rabbit holes".

It is a formidable task to maintain that focus, and you dedicated researchers have my utmost respect.

Sadly, my trains of thought often...
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