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BuckMarley 1 Sep 2008 14:04 PM

'Satanic Music Industry'
EDIT- Make sure u check out everything in this thread, tons and tons of information compiled together into 1 thread, so people wont have to look everywhere on the net to find stuff about this subject. Everybody u can think of in the Industry is exposed in this thread.


January 17, 2010 — This documentary explains the secret agenda behind the music industry. Most notably last year MTV VMA Award Show which was heavy based on Occult Rituals.


November 08, 2009 — Start educating yourself on what's happening behind the curtains that's being downloaded directly into our subconscious mind.


May 19, 2010 — full video here (not much different than this version http://vimeo.com/11883907

reality is much stranger than fiction...
EDIT- When Your Done With This Thread Check out These

Britney Spears Trying To Break Free From Mind Control?

Are You Ready To Rock-The Satanic Roots Of Rock!

Michael Jackson: Mind Control Victim

Video Games Full of Satanic Symbolism & NWO Themes

9/11 In Hollywood

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Musicians Confessing to Demonic Possession More Symbolism & Quotes

Adding more soon

Came across this,thought i would share with everyone if they didn't already know about this.

"Rock has always been THE DEVIL'S MUSIC . . . I believe rock and roll is dangerous . . . I feel we're only heralding SOMETHING EVEN DARKER THAN OURSELVES." - David Bowie (Rolling Stone, Feb. 12, 1976)

"I'm the devil's advocate. We have our own worshippers who are called 'groupies.' Girls will give their bodies to musicians as you would give a sacrifice to a god."-Frank Zappa (Peters Brothers, What About Christian Rock, p. 17)

"Hopefully, I'll be remembered as the person who brought an end to Christianity."-Marilyn Manson (Spin, August 1996, p. 34)
Manson claims his album Antichrist Superstar came via "supernatural-inspiration":

"I heard this album as finished, I heard it in dreams . . . It was like the revelations of John the Baptist or something."-Marilyn Manson (huH, Oct. 1996, p.34)

"I think every time people listen to this new album maybe God will be destroyed in their heads. . ."-Marilyn Manson (huH, Oct. 1996, p.37)

"I don't know if anyone has really understood what we're trying to do. This isn't just about shock value . . . that's just there to lure the people in. Once we've got em we can give em our MESSAGE."-Marilyn Manson (Hit Parader, Oct. 1996, p.28)

"My mom used to tell me when I was a kid, If you curse at nighttime, the devil's going to come to you when you're sleeping. I used to get excited because I really wanted it to happen . . . I wanted it. I wanted it more than anything . . ."-Marilyn Manson (Rolling Stone, January, 23, 1997 p.52)

Carlos Santana Admitting To Being Controlled By Demons

"The energy of devils and angels is the same energy; it's how you use it. It's fuel. There is a saying: If you scare all your devils away, the angels will go away with them. You know, the halo and the horns are the same thing. I mean it's OK to be spiritually horny - that's what creative genius is all about. Geniuses don't have time to think about how it's going to be received... they don't have time to think whether people like it or not, is it morally right, will God like it?"- Carlos Santana (Rolling Stone, magazine, March 16, 2000, p. 87).

"...you meditate and you got the candles, you got the incense and you've been chanting, and all of a sudden you hear this voice: 'Write this down' " Carlos Santana (Rolling Stone magazine, March 16, 2000, p. 41).

"Rock concerts are the churches of today." -Guitarist Craig Chaquico (of the rock group 'Jefferson Starship.')

"Get them while they're young and bend their minds." Spencer Dryden (of the rock group 'Jefferson Starship.')

"I'd kill my mother for rock and roll. I WOULD SELL MY SOUL." -Bon Jovi (Smash Hits Magazine)

Satanic Quotes From Musicians In Songs:

"Dear God,I Wonder can Ya Save Me,(Illuminati Want My Mind,Soul,And My Body)Dear God,I Wonder Can Ya Save Me,(Secret Society,Tryin To Keep An Eye On Me)"-Jay-Z,D'evils

"Whoever said illegal was the easy way out couldn't understand the
mechanics,And the workings of the underworld, granted..."-Jay-Z,D'evils

"I used to say 'fuck mic skills,' and never prayed to God, I prayed to Gotti,That's right it's wicked, that's life I live it
Ain't askin' for forgiveness for my sins, endz"- Jay-Z

"all the evils that the game'll do
It gets dangerous, money and power is changing us
And now we're lethal, infected with D'Evils..."-Jay-Z

My soul is possessed by D'Evils in the form of diamonds and lexuses
The exorcist, got me doin' skits like Homie-Jay-Z

"Lucifer, dawn of de morning! I'm gonna, chase you out of Earth
Lucifer Lucifer, dawn of de morning."-Jay-Z,Lucifer,Chorus

"Lord forgive him
He got them dark forces in him"- Jay-Z,Lucifer

I ain't tryin to be facetious
But "Vengance is mine" said the Lord
You said it better than all
Leave niggas on deaths door
Breathin off res-por-rators -Jay-Z, Lucifer
Man i gotta get my soul right
I gotta get these Devils out my life-Jay-Z,Lucifer

And if you feel in my heart that i long for revenge
Please blame it on the Son of the mornin-Jay-Z,Lucifer

Subliminal Message Backwards in the song "Lucifer" by Jay-Z

"Murda Murda.....JESUSSS...6..6..6"-Jay-Z <--What are the chances of that?

Come join me in my INFERNAL DEPTHS . . .
I've got your soul!" At the end of the song they chant "OBEY"! -Megadeth,The Conjuring

"Angel from below . . .
with diamonds you repay I don't care for heaven
so don't you look for me to cry
AND I WILL BURN IN HELL from the day I die." -Metallica,The Prince

"Welcome to the abandoned land
Here there's no work or play Only one bill to pay
There's just five words to say As you go down, down, down
YOU'RE GONNA BURN IN HELL!" -Twisted Sister,Burn In Hell

"When I was just a boy
Took me from my home
He made me a man . . .
On the homebound train." -Jon Bon Jovi, Homebound Train

"Warriors from the gates of hell . . .
In lord Satan we trust." -Slayer

The beginning of their song "Hell Awaits" contains an obvious backwards message. When played forward, nothing but garbled noise is heard, but when played backwards you hear the real message "JOIN US, JOIN US, JOIN US" over and over!
"Jesus knows your soul cannot be saved
He soon shall fall to me
Your souls are damned
Your God has fell to slave for me eternally Hell awaits." -Slayer,Hell Awaits

"Dark Lord, I summon thee
Demanding the sacred right to burn in hell . . .
Take My lustful soul Drink my blood as I drink yours . . .
LUCIFER IS KING PRAISE SATAN!" -Manowar, The Bridge of Death

"Mote it be Satan's sword I have become . . .
I burn with hate
TO RID THE WORLD OF THE NAZARENE!" -Morbid Angel,Vengeance is Mine

"Chant the blasphemy Mockery of the Messiah
Blaspheme the Ghost
BLASPHEMY OF THE HOLY GHOST." -Morbid Angel,Blasphemy

"I'm lord of the wasteland, a modern day man of steel
I gather darkness to please me and I COMMAND YOU TO KNEEL
Before, The God of thunder, the god of rock 'n roll
I'LL STEAL YOUR VIRGIN SOUL!" -Kiss,"God of Thunder"

"I got my bell
I'm gonna take you to hell
I'm gonna get Ya SATAN GET YA" -Ac/DC, Hell's Bells

"Ain't nothing I would rather do
My friends are gonna be there too . . .
Hey Satan, paid my dues . . .
I'm on the way to the promised land
I'm on the HIGHWAY TO HELL." -Ac/Dc,Highway To Hell

It stays with me wherever I go
I can't break away from its hold
This must be my punishment FOR SELLING MY SOUL!" -Suicidal Tendencies, Possessed

"The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want . . .
With bright knives he RELEASETH MY SOUL
He maketh me to hang on hooks in high places . . .
For lo, he hath great power and GREAT HUNGER." -Pink Floyd,Sheep

"LUCIFER Sam . . . Always sitting by your side Always by your side." -Pink Floyd

"We're not here to entertain you . . .
Answer to his calls!"-Venom

"I am possessed by all that is evil
The death of your God, I demand . . .

"I'm prayin To the Angels,Who Worship The Devils"-Tony Yayo(G-Unit),Money Makes The World Go Around


"Know they aint fully prepared for this New World Order...."- Jay-Z

"Im in love with the malicious intent,YOU'VE BEEN TAKEN BUT YOU DONT KNOW IT YET......New World Order.....New World Order.....New World Order"-Ministry,NWO

"Soul's Escaping,Through this hole that is Gaping,THIS WORLD IS MINE FOR THE TAKING,MAKE ME KING,AS WE MOVE TOWARD A....NEW WORLD ORDER....A Normal Life Is Boring...."-Eminem,Lose Yourself

"I am the Eye in the Sky,Looking At You,I can Read Your Mind,I am the Maker of Rules,Dealing with Fools....I can Cheat you Blind"-Alan Parson,"Eye in the Sky"

http://www.sergiomaistrello.it/immag...yeinthesky.jpg <---Cover of Alan Parson Album

"Get Ready for this New World Order,Shit is about to Change Muthufucka"-Onyx,Last Days

"Revelation,Has come to Pass,New World Order,Will Hold The Mass,ALL RIGHTS WILL BE DENIED,WITHOUT THE MARK,YOU SHALL DIE"-MegaDeth

"Aint Tryin to stick around for the ILLUMINATI,gotta by my own island by the Year 2G"-Dr.Dre,Been There Done That

"This is the time of the Ending,Its the Dawn of a New World Order,This is a New Beginning,Where a New World shall Arise,We Scream.....This is Illumination.....We are...Illuminates"-Gamma Ray,New World Order

"..Illuminati...A Secret Society Do Exist...Illuminati"-Fat Boy Slim,Illuminati

"Some Say expect Illuminati to take my Body To Sleep.......Before I Deal with Computer Chips...."-2pac,They Dont Give a Fuck About Us

2pac Comments on The Illuminati,after naming his album kILLUMINATI

"Just a Lullaby.....for the New World Order....."-Matthew Good,Lullaby For The New World Order

"So be prepared for the New World Order,Could it be,that the end of time is what i'm showing"-Black Eye Peas

Links- http://www.jesus-is-savior.com/Evils...nic_quotes.htm
If Anyone has any other quotes or something of that kind,post them up here.

John Locke 15 Sep 2008 18:49 PM

Good post bro....

BuckMarley 30 Aug 2009 00:14 AM

Hip Hop Satanic Quotes

Listen to what they sayin, dont just bob ya head to the beat. Peep the game, and listen to what i'm sayin, and hold us accountable for it.
- 2pac


You know....thats why we'll throw little things out there like that to see if they catch on to it, and how many people will catch on to it, so people can see it. But its like, sometimes i start to think like , the Hip Hop audience aint that intelligent sometimes ya know? But they dont pick up on it because , they let the corniest shit get the most airplay. The most unconscious shit. Its like 'What the fuck is wrong wit yall? (ODB: 'Its the Government.......Its that MIND CONTROL')'
-Method Man, ODB

ODB/Method Man Interview where ODB exposes government psychological mind control through music going against his (freemasonic) oath. Notice how Method Man puts his head down (scared?) right after ODB says it.

ODB murdered by CIA


But you know the world we live in is so cold n so wicked, and explicit/And the people that say they can fix it are the enemies, dont you listen, they're only human/Pretendin to be God, Allah, bullshit/Nigga you play with the Lord and by the sword you die
- Krayzie Bone , Rescue Me


I be in court throwin signs like i'm a Massonnnn
- 50 Cent


Introduce you to the pleasure and the pain , you can go far, just sell your soul, and live the life of a ghetto star
- 2pac, Ghetto Star


Picture a nigga on the verge of livin insane, i sold my soul for a chance to kick it and bang
- 2pac


You sold your soul to me need i remind you?
You remember that night you
Prayed to god you'd give anything to get a record deal well Dre signed you!
This is what you wanted your whole life Marshall right boo?
Look at this house! look at these cars! I'm so nice ooooh!
Oh, but you didn't know that fame has a price too ?
That your just now seeing the downside too!
Lose your best friend from high school your wife too!
Ain't even sure if your kids like you!
- Eminem, My Darling


Am i cold, or is it just i sold my soul?
- 2pac


I pray to the angels that worship the Devil
- Tony Yayo (G-Unit)


Man i gotta get my soul right
I gotta get these Devils out my life
- Jay Z, D'evils


Believe, some see the neon signs by the loudspeakers repeatin that everything is fine
a subtle solace to demolish a trouble conscience of a caucus with no knowledge n every freedom denied
Every dream is designed and broadcasted from the masters to the masses from the antennas ontop of the shrines
Refine the receiver and plant it durin the panic and short it, it reports back everything in ya mind
- Lupe Fiasco, Streets On Fire


"Jesus didn't kick it with the squares, the thieves needed savin, that's why he was there amongst the gangsters, dope dealers and prostitutes, he wasn't chillin with the rich in business suits"
- Bishop Lamont


i hear him in the wind laughing and calling got me feeling just like Denzel did in fallin im half crazy but i know the devil real shit i should know i singed a record deal
Bishop Lamont


Owl in Bohemian Grove, Demons in Rome
- Killah Priest, Recognize


Priest-Obama, flow drama, coat of armor
The owl and the lion and the Madonna with child
Stay fly, open ya minds, 3rd eye and listen
And just recognize
- Killah Priest, Recognize


And if I can not have you then no one can your my darling
Cuz I possess your soul, your mind, your heart and your body
- Eminem , Chorus of 'My Darling'


Secret Psychotic Society, somebody save me
- 2pac


I'm screamin, i stop breathin, damn i see demons, Dear God I wonda can ya save me, I cant die, my bobo bout to have my baby I think its too late for prayin, hold on A voice spoke to me and it slowly started sayin
"Bring your lifestyle to me I'll make it better"
How long will I live?
"Eternal life and forever"
And will I be, the G that I was?
"I'll make your life better than you can imagine or even dreamed of
So relax your soul, let me take control
Close your eyes my son"
My eyes are closed
- Snoop Dogg, Murda Was Da Case


Made ya deal wit the devil, but you sold yo soul'
- Pimp C

tumppu 30 Aug 2009 17:12 PM

Heh, I bet they have a similar post going on on some hard rock/heavy metal forum about biblical quotes in rock songs :) I know Bon Jovi and Bruce Springsteen would feature in them quite prominently, just as about 50% of all the world's black/death/doom metal songs would feature in this.

BuckMarley 1 Sep 2009 14:04 PM



Jack A. Lope 1 Sep 2009 21:13 PM

Hum, where to start.

Gangster Rap and MTV definitely had an impact on the generation of teenagers growing up in the 90's. Directly correlated with the rise of gang violence in areas where there where no gangs previously. Satanic? Not overtly any ways. Degenerative with out a doubt.

KMFDM is singing in 3rd party and is trying to show the absurdity in these types of behaviors. There for their message is opposite of what is being portrayed here.

Ramstein are freaks, but in their defense, the clip chose to only translate the lyrics that supported their contention. They are atheists and are all ways trying to push the buttons of the moral majority. They try to generate publicity for themselves by intentionally being "controversial". They get a rise out of people. They often act with bad taste and have paid the price for it. They are collectively conceited.

There is no doubt that music has a powerful way of connecting with the youth. This is a much deeper subject than is portrayed her.

Rock and Roll has all ways been about rebellion and has not all ways been used with the best discretion. This is something that many musicians realize later in their careers. Like the Beastie Boys admit and regret by the way. Mostly in regards to smoking PCP.

Columbine is most likely the best evidence of a controlled Manchurian Candidate if their ever was one. By the way they where both Jews and hated Christens from a Jewish stand point.

Their is no deigning that certain entertainers, who are open Satanists, use their music as a platform to preach from but most have no real religious commitments at all.

There is a real theam of standing against organized religion because it is oppressive. The Catholic church is definitely oppressive.

Rock & Roll is not the work of the Devil but it could expose human weakness. I for one happen to love music but most definitely don't love the Devil. So.....


trueblue 1 Sep 2009 21:50 PM

I hear ya Jack,

I worked in the music biz professionally for almost 2 decades. I love all kinds of music (with the exception of Megadeath style hard rock, cause I can't figure out what the hell they are screaming about).
The business is corrupt as can be! But what business isn't today? yes, many of the bands whose music I enjoy (like LedZeppelin) are into very strange beliefs. The overtly Satanic music is just crap, not because I'm a Christian, but because I'm a music lover!
But, I suspect it's mostly a backlash against all the idiot Christians trying to impose their will on everyone else, more than a love of wickedness. They truly are clueless when it comes to understanding spiritual things. :smile:

Jack A. Lope 2 Sep 2009 09:54 AM

Yea I know a few musicians that have played to sold out crowds at sports arenas. Most of my friends are actually involved in the music industry at some level. I've seen the record labels sign friends into contracts with publishing deals designed to lock them out of the rights to their own music with no intention of promoting them. They just shelf them so they don't get picked up by another label and become competition to an act they are all ready promoting. So when I here the labels cry about illegal file sharing I just laugh. It is funny sometimes when I see a video like this and they go off on a tangent about some one I know with this devil worshiping nonsense and I just have to laugh because I know better. Oh well.


trueblue 2 Sep 2009 12:36 PM

It's funny,Jack,
the truly evil people (in my experience) are not in the entertainment business, but down the street at your local Chamber Of Commerce. At most of the "legitimate" businesses I've worked for, I was "inside" enough to see the constant lies, the fraud, the outright disdain for the common worker who actually made the product behind the company!
Even the musicians who were a little (sometimes a lot!) "out there", had some concern for their fellow humans! Modern business in America has been built on the Rockefeller, Carnegie, and Edison model. Ruthless, uncaring, and devouring. Sadly, many Christians are blind to true corruption,and while focused on a dog and pony show like Satanism, are sucked right into the real corruption they never see.

Craig 70x7 2 Sep 2009 14:42 PM

"I don't get on my knees (talking about praying), that $h!% ain't for G's" - Hell Rell

I remember this from when I was unsaved and even then I knew this was very bad. I was still dumb enough to listen to the song though, and just had to cringe everytime this part came...

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