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PCGeek 19 Mar 2012 18:01 PM

Veterans Today article links letsrollforums.com
Didn't see this on your site anywhere .... i assume i just couldn't find a link and you have already seen this article.


Media Mayhem Creates National Disaster


War of the Worlds

by Stewart Ogilby

Clever criminals have gained control of America’s media. Political propaganda and deliberately misleading messages are constantly being fed to the public. Television has become the primary instrument for promoting aggressive wars that result in the murders and sufferings of millions of men, women, and childen throughout the world. This horror is now glibly referred to on TV as “collateral damage”.

Attractive well-dressed actors and announcers are paid to read from monitors and to say what TV bosses demand. These “media whores” are accessories to murder by promoting warmongers, criminals who pay others to murder that they may monopolize the world’s wealth. Their bosses are not creators. They are humanity’s parasites.

For several years I have, among others, been doing my best to figure out what did and didn’t happen on 911. I was fooled for several years. Only recently have I been able to discard the lies and visual deceit presented that day on television and echoed in newspapers. These media are controlled today by associates of criminal war profiteers and their bankers. Together, they are mass murderers and must be held accountable as such.

Money is no problem for people who actually control the currencies of most nations, our own included. In addition to controlling TV and newspapers, 911 perpetrators upload a huge number of online videos, most of which purport to be “exposures” or a part of a “truth movement”. They swamp the internet with similar articles. They help fund a number of “truth groups” that have attracted hundreds of well-meaning people. Memorial web sites, tributes, bogus obituaries, and human interest tid-bits of “murdered victims” are all over the place.

The entire terrorist narrative is designed to invoke the emotion of fear. Denial provides humans with emotional solace. It is understandable that most people, overwhelmed by media deceit and conditioned to trust authority, are unwilling to confront peer criticism. This strategy is employed by those who design the psy-op component to any criminally antisocial activity.

The 911 narrative is a paradigm for the extent to which modern media is able to control public perception and mold public opinion. Below are five short articles by me, all of which have appeared online at VeteransToday.com and at BigEye.com. They should be read in the order presented to gain insight, however initially questioned, about what did happen and, more importantly, what didn’t happen on September 11, 2001.
  1. Urban Renewal With A Twist?
  2. Television’s Illusions Enthrall America’s Cavemen
  3. The 911 Narrative Remains Broad And Retititious
  4. The Hoax – A Fable For Our Times
  5. Examining the 911 Script Is Not Inappropriate
I wish to express my gratitude to those who have devoted considerable time and effort in attempting to make sense of the confusion and contradictions surrounding even intelligent controversies and discussions of what the 911 events were all about. Honest researchers, albeit often mislead, have been useful in raising pertinent questions and offering speculations and tentative conclusions. Of course, it is impossible to unquestioningly separate honest researchers from frauds and disinformation shills. Even the latter provide grist for the analytical mill.

For months I viewed two online forums, CluesForum.info and LetsRollForums.com, with skepticism. I would be remiss in not expressing my deep appreciation to Mr. Simon Shack of the former forum for his brilliantly presented evidence of massive televised fraud on 911.

Techniques of digital animation and photograph manipulation that existed in 2001 had been perfected well enough to pull the wool over the eyes of us all.

The fact that even more clever fraudulent videos, supposedly of the events of that day, have been released over years since 911 evidences the lengths being taken by its perpetrators to perpetuate that day’s narrative. Consequently, it is not surprising that portions of their huge lie continue to be accepted by most persons. I urge everyone to carefully study Mr. Shack’s SeptemberClues.info web site and to go through that site’s The Vicsim Report. Then ask yourself the hard question: Exactly what was 911 all about?

A reader of one of my columns asked why, if the NYC plane, witnesses, implosions, and rubble video was faked, the Pentagon event was not accompanied by a faked plane video as well. These sorts of questions and attempted answers prove or indicate nothing. My reply was as follows: “Why didn’t they do a more accountable job of putting together airliner “passenger lists”? Why didn’t they doctor the Bureau of Transportation Statistics to show those phony flights as having existed that day? Why did they arrange for the New York Times and other papers to publish names of Arab hijackers that they clearly realized would be located alive and well, and why do they continue to use those names? Why did they release obviously fraudulent Bin Laden videos? Why did they pull off the anthrax hoax right after 911? Why did they morph and photoshop victim photos? Why didn’t they just implode the NYC buildings, asbestos and all, without all that hoopla? There are many more “whys” that could be listed. The answer: ‘Ask them’.”

Initailly “good for Israel” as Netanyaho expressed, 911 may prove to have been a serious error. The New Yorkers may have acquired the participation of the Mossad in their hoax, the fundamental goal of which was to further their own financial ambitions. Without question, they secured the participation of America’s TV moguls. If ultimately exposed, the NY schemers may be delighted to acknowledge that they did not mass murder 3000 on that day. Their activities are quite unfortunate for America’s honorable Jews insofar as the potential for anti-Semitism goes. A handful of criminals acted in primarily their own self interest.

You can bet that everyone involved will go to whatever lengths necessary to avoid the disclosure of that hoax. The antecedents to Afghanistan and Iraq wars were scripted and presented to the American public as cleverly as the events of 911 and their subsequent “anthrax attack”. That the latter has been exposed as utter fraud does not seem to have seriously impacted either 911 myths or justifications for our nation waging illegal aggressive warfare.

When it was suggested to Thomas Jefferson that something be done to stop the journalistic attacks of Callender, Jefferson cautioned that press freedom must be inviolable. It is unrealistic to expect any eighteenth century man to have anticipated the disaster befalling our nation as a result of corporate government’s monopoly of the airwaves, a natural resource nearly as necessarily free for the benefit of an evolving humanity as the air itself.

We Americans are paying a terrible price for not heeding warnings of Jefferson and others with regard to being eternally vigilant in securing a government that represents us, We The People of the United States of America, and in protecting a Constitution created to form a unique form of human organization in which Liberty, which means freedom from tyranny, would be preserved. – finis

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    PCGeek 19 Mar 2012 20:04 PM

    Re: Veterans Today article links letsrollforums.com
    Hey Phil thanx for editing my original post it looks more professional now with the full embedding.

    Please note that all the sub articles also mention www.letsrollforums.com as it appears he used this site for much of his research.

    On a side note i was the anonymous person who sent the Barb Olson versus Lady Booth pic to Chris Bollyn ..... i actually created the pic comparison on my PC after reading threads on your site ..... so it all comes full circle in one way or another. The original one i sent to Bollyn had more written comparison's under the names, but it was edited so as to not lead viewers in a certain direction. I'll look up the original and post it here for you if i can find it.


    PCGeek 19 Mar 2012 20:07 PM

    Re: Veterans Today article links letsrollforums.com
    9/11 – Urban Renewal With a Twist?

    by Stewart Ogilby

    I was born in Staten Island Hospital and grew up on the southwest shore of that island when its waters were clean and teemed with fish including porgies, weakfish, bluefish, striped bass and big sharks. Our island, a borough of New York City, had clean beaches, dense woods, farms, unspoiled lakes, and abundant wildlife. Raritan Bay separates the island from the shoreline of New Jersey that stretches around to the entrance of New York harbor. Working on South Beach as a lifeguard in the summer for the NYC Department of Parks during my teens, I could watch magnificent passenger liners as they arrived and departed through the Narrows. On clear days the parachute jump ride at Coney Island in the distance could be seen from my beach perch. More than once I explained to Sunday city folk, when asked, that it was the Eiffel Tower. Some people are amazingly gullible.

    To access Manhattan it was necessary to ride the ferry. When the Verrazano Bridge was planned my parents, both of whom came from old Staten Island families, recognized that the end had come for their beloved bucolic island and they bought a farm in Ohio. In my teens I spent summers with cousins and other family on the island. Some years later I watched the familiar New York City skyline change as two box-like immensely high buildings, presumably modern in design and vastly different from neighboring structures, towered above Hudson River’s city piers.

    The so-called “twin towers” were flagship structures in NY Port Authority’s new World Trade Center in which five other smaller ones were constructed. Building 7, which eventually achieved notoriety due to its obvious demolition late in the day on 9/11, was roughly half the height of the twin towers. The Port Authority’s 1964 cost estimate for the project was $350 million. By September 1965 it had risen to $525 million. By December 1966 it was $575 million. There was no stopping this highly touted project to construct the world’s tallest buildings, despite serious financial reservations. Bid at $750 million, the final construction cost was $1.2 billion.

    By the time it was complete, commercial office space was no longer in great demand. The buildings were
    topped off but some say that they were never fully occupied. To save money, interior construction, such as floors, would be constructed as leases were signed. To hide financial reality, occupancy percentages were calculated on constructed areas only, it is claimed.

    The twin towers were a financial boondoggle. To make matters worse, there were design problems. Any good sailor knows of galvanic corrosion between aluminum and steel, especially in a marine environment. As winds blew across the Hudson, the aluminum exterior sheathing began to separate from the interior steel beams. The face of the WTC began to fall off. Tenants would not tolerate the tremendous noise of repair. The sensible financial move for the Port Authority was to demolish the buildings. Due to the asbestos insulation, according to one source, the EPA would not permit the buildings to be imploded conventionally. They would have to be taken down by 2007 beam by beam, floor by floor, at a projected cost of $20 billion.

    What to do? Well, these guys are not stupid. Today there are millions of Americans who, although not inclined to believe you can see Europe from the shore of Staten Island, are totally inclined to believe whatever masquerades as news, official government pronouncements and narratives broadcast from their magic boxes, the ubiquitous television sets that have matriculated from homes into restaurants, bars, barber-shops, and public areas. Add controlled newspapers and Hollywood fantasy and their propaganda game is complete.

    Most intelligent and informed persons now realize that 9/11 was an “inside job”. TV narratives provide diversions. Let’s consider a few “what if’s”. These will offend, disgust, amaze, delight or confuse you, based upon the extent of your own knowledge and research since 9/11:
    • What if the story of hijacked commercial airliners is not true?
    • What if 7 WTC buildings (yes, 7!) were explosively demolished?
    • What if the buildings had been emptied and thousands not killed?
    • What if partying Arabs had been imported to be patsies?
    • What if UA-175′s impact of WTC-1 was animated digital fakery?
    • What if photographing that incoming drone plane had been pre-planned?
    • What if owners of America’s mainline media are complicit?
    • What if published airliner passenger lists are fake?
    • What if “lost relative” posters swamping NYC were fakes?
    • What if “The 911 Truth Movement” has been infiltrated for diversions?
    • What if most of the “dead victims” are manufactured and unreal persons?
    • What if millions of dollars are being paid out to “grieving” actors?
    • What if no commercial airliners were crashed anywhere?
    • What if the 911 narrative was twisted to further demonize Arabs?
    • What if money, war, power, and psychopathology is in charge?
    If 9/11 was an inside job, to be eventually exposed as such, would the perpetrators have risked
    murdering thousands of innocent civilians only to have many thousand more irate relatives breathing
    down their necks, demanding answers, and eventually suing them? What of the criminal liability?
    If you think these ideas are far-fetched, please dig into work done pertaining to 9/11, New York City’s huge urban renewal project, over the past decade. As a start, approach with a new perspective Simon Shack’s September Clues and Phil Jayhan’s Let’s Roll Forums. Listen with caution to better financed 911 Truthers.
    Sums of money are being raised by grieving family members who are equipped with one or two photos of
    their “murdered loved one”. Arrests for fraud and sworn testimony from opportunists may become the key
    to exposing the 9/11 perpetrators, addicts to money and dominance, the wanna-be masters of projected
    world government.

    PCGeek 19 Mar 2012 20:08 PM

    Re: Veterans Today article links letsrollforums.com
    Television’s Illusions Enthrall America’s Cavemen

    by Stewart Ogilby

    http://www.veteranstoday.com/wp-cont...t_moon_man.jpgFront-Lit Moon Man

    Around 2400 years ago a philosophy student of the brilliant and kindly Socrates wrote his conception of the ideal State. Plato’s form of government fits our definition of fascism. His “Republic” shares shelf-space with Niccolo Machiavelli’s “The Prince” in personal libraries of manipulators of mankind’s economic and social relationships, the aspiring fascist dictators of today’s nations and, perhaps, of tomorrow’s world.

    In his “Allegory of the Cave”, Plato was able to create images. Lacking today’s technology, he devised a light-source by means of a controlled fire located behind the participants. Thomas Edison’s electric bulb was a couple of thousand years in the future. Plato’s subjects faced a wall of the cave upon which fire-light cast shadows. The “Allegory of the Cave” gives us a glimpse of Plato’s understanding of how easily his countrymen could be manipulated into substituting moving images for reality. His allegory gives us a glimpse of why Plato espoused a benevolent fascism. Along with the light-bulb, Aldous Huxley’s “Brave New World” and George Orwell’s “1984″ were in the distant future. Plato would have understood television’s enthralling illusions.
    Edward Bernays, a double nephew of Sigmund Freud, is often referred to as founder of America’s public relations industry. He could not have harbored a more cynical view than Plato’s toward his own countrymen. Bankers who pulled the strings of President Woodrow Wilson employed Bernays to manipulate America’s masses in support of the first World War. Bernays was successful without television, today’s highly efficient source of enthralling and illusory imagery.

    I recall sitting in front of a small black and white television set with “rabbit-ears” antennae on its top back in the days before hand-held pocket calculators had been invented. How many readers recall using a slide-rule when solving problems in physics class? In those days of primitive electronics I was enthralled as I watched US astronauts go to the moon and back, not once, but seven times! Thankfully, not one of those brave men was lost in space. Those who now express skepticism at how that could actually have been done, especially knowing the facts of our earth’s Van Allen Radiation Belt, are summarily tossed into today’s “conspiracy nut” bin along with 9/11 researchers.

    I don’t recall when the first time was that I wondered why men, supposedly on the moon, moved so slowly in a field of gravity only one sixth that of the earth, and why they bounced no higher than they could have jumped on their own front lawns. It was too radical, at the time for me to realize that the video had been filmed in a studio and that the speed of the film had simply been slowed down. Today’s proofs including that of studio lighting and near-earth orbits are overwhelming and make the TV illusion totally obvious. If you have something of an open mind, access two online sources - http://davesweb.cnchost.com/Apollo1.html and this fine videowww.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=_UK0ZyQw2oA
    The visual character of televised 9/11 illusions results in strong support for their validity through underlying psychological benefits, given years of crafted and TV-implanted anti-Arab propaganda. Anyone who proposed that the NY buildings had been brought down by explosives, regardless of the strength of evidence, generally met with an irrational and angry emotional response even from functionally intelligent persons. Myths and narratives acquired through audio-visual means via television are powerfully imbedded. That is what makes the medium valuable to advertisers.

    One who acquires data through television keeps returning to segments of the narrative as valid working premises when attempting to research or to analyze the fundamental validity or truth of the narrative itself. Nearly everything that is supposedly known by the public about what may have happened on 9/11 has come from television and newspapers, sources that are highly censored and controlled. Such media may be reliable in some matters and unreliable in others. Because there is no way to determine which case is operative at any time it is necessary to disregard both sources of information entirely. What are we then left with?

    A more scholarly form of this question becomes, “What is it that we can truly know, based upon sources acceptable to us as being reliable, of events, background, participants, and related matters involving what is being referred to as 9/11?” If we discard television, newspapers, and “official sources”, the answer is “Far less than we thought we knew”. Buildings, planes, and victims – all are lost in a haze of speculative and contradictory hypotheses. News reporting should be more reliable, don’t you think? Clues are emerging such as at Simon Shack’s SeptemberClues.info. It may be too soon to expect Americans to understand that 9/11 was also simply a huge TV and mainline-media hoax, the purpose of which was to demolish commercial real-estate in a financially profitable urban renewal project, spinning a story into a politically expedient narrative. Exposing this fact certainly ought not take as long as it did to expose the imagery of trips to the moon, media’s ongoing censorship and 9/11 victimology nonsense notwithstanding.

    Since the 1945 end of WW-II a televised American myth , in the words of the bard’s MacBeth, is a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing. The time for the truth is now and may actually be passing. Tyranny, fascism, New World government, Orwell’s image of mankind’s face with a boot on it, this is our future unless we are willing to separate TV’s illusions from facts. It is not easy. The two formidable psychological stumbling blocks are fear and denial. Not everyone is going to get a grip on the extent of the deceit. It is the responsibility of those who understand to confront corporate and banking criminals, the few who threaten us and everyone, themselves and their own children included. Their fascism, a psychopathic drive to pseudo-benevolently manipulate economic and social relationships of other human beings in order to pursue their lust for money and power, is aided and abetted by their media partners in crime, especially the criminals who support them with our enthralling televised illusions.

    PCGeek 19 Mar 2012 20:09 PM

    Re: Veterans Today article links letsrollforums.com
    9/11 Narrative Remains Broad and Repetitious

    by Stewart Ogilby

    http://www.veteranstoday.com/wp-cont...012/02/911.jpgOlivier Picard Photo

    Theater patrons in ancient Greece – someone stayed home to watch the kids and feed the animals. In what has been called Athenian democracy, it has been estimated that slaves constituted around 25% of the human population and free laborers around 30%.

    For centuries, poets, historians, historical novelists, and actors provided narratives for the literate and the gentry. There was no outcry or demand for truth when poets lied, such as Longfellow’s apocryphal “The Midnight Ride of Paul Revere”. Shakespeare’s history plays provided an interesting nationalistic past for his audiences. Centuries earlier a biblical myth of exodus from Egyptian bondage had given cohesiveness to a tribal bronze-age population. These may constitute a set called “useful myths”. In reality, all myths are useful, but to only a certain group in the population.

    Until only a couple of hundred years ago, churches provided religious myths that influenced the masses in their grueling struggles to survive. The exposure of the masses to contemporary narrative was limited until the advent of radio, television, and motion pictures through both the constraint of literacy as well as the means to access broader sources.

    In light of many narratives supporting fraudulent antecedents to wars planned by bankers and patently fake photos and supporting narratives for seven (or nine, I forget which) round-trip moon excursions, why all the hubub today about lies of 9/11? Could it be that the human spirit is actually developing? The erudite mythologist, Joseph Campbell, observed, “I think the human spirit is developing. I don’t take a negative attitude toward what’s happening with the human spirit. I take a very negative attitude with what’s happening to our politicians, but that has nothing to do with the human spirit. I mean, the chaos in the world today is not a function of the illumination of humanity today; it’s a function of the bungling of a bunch of self interested politicians.”

    The immense political power wielded today upon the masses by radio and television demands that their managers be totally separated from sharing economic interests with governmental bureaucracies and
    affiliated corporations. The huge 9/11 media hoax has spotlighted the necessity of freeing the masses from contemporary political propaganda. Today we have the spectacle of a host of “researchers” poring over fake videos, dissecting promulgated disinformation, and arguing among themselves. Is it in the hope of presenting our country’s masses with a nice clear explanation of the events of that day? What makes them think that they are really interested?

    Basic confusion includes the following (and much more):
    Planes or no-planes -
    • What about all those witnesses presented by our good friends in the media?
    • If no-planes, why all the fuss about stand-down when there was nothing to stand-down to?
    • If planes, why the paucity of proof that would benefit the perpetrators?
    • If no-planes, what were the Arab hijackers up to?
    • If no-planes, why bring up Dov Z’s relationship to a remote-guidance company?
    • If no-planes, what really happened to the missing passengers?
    • If planes, what really happened to the missing passengers if they didn’t crash where claimed?
    WTC brought down with explosives -
    • Collecting on terrorism insurance policy would constitute huge insurance fraud.
    • Would they have been so stupid as to mass-murder 3,000 people?
    • Was the whole operation a financially desirable urban renewal project?
    • How much televised coverage, including witnesses, crowds, and explosions, was Hollywood special effects photography, aired in segments?
    I have my own recently adopted views on these matters. Expressing them, for now, is inappropriate as it brings the wrath of professional 9/11 pundits and researchers down upon me. I am willing to wait, perhaps only a few months, for the real 9/11 scholars to catch up. The truth is simple, as always. However, the scope of the problem is mind-boggling. There is just too much money and profiteering involved.


    PCGeek 19 Mar 2012 20:10 PM

    Re: Veterans Today article links letsrollforums.com
    The Hoax – A Fable For Our Times


    http://www.veteranstoday.com/wp-cont..._the_wind2.jpgby Stewart Ogilby

    Let’s say that I have it in my heart to make myself some easy, but very illegal, money. If one is to take the risk involved in breaking the law it should be for a worthwhile amount. For the sake of argument, my aim is to acquire a cool $2 million in cash. I begin to carefully make plans, estimating the pay-off date roughly a decade in the future. The plan will cost me more than $300 thousand, but that seems to be a reasonable investment.

    For this plan to work, I need what I will call an “agent” because her role will be similar to that of a trained agent working for a sophisticated state intelligence agency. I will put her on my payroll immediately. I will continue her pay after I collect the big bucks because she may be of help to me in the future. Who knows what else a bright guy like me might think of doing?

    Good agents are hard to find, but money talks. I find an ambitious young woman and offer her a position working for me with the stipulation that she never reveal either her employer or her job description. Her real name happens to be Susan. Sue was looking at a lifetime secure job with regular pay and a bit of excitement. I even toss in some benefits, including a couple million dollars of term life-insurance. Are you starting to get the picture? Guess who the life-insurance beneficiary will be?

    Here are some steps I take to capture my big bucks -

    I assign Sue an alias, preferably one that has a bit of internal ambiguity. Sue becomes “Kim Strongman Jones”.

    I marry the woman, after putting together some history for her. This is no problem because I have ten years to work with. Starting with a costly but high-quality phony birth certificate, “Kim” gets a Social Security number and a state driver’s license along with other assorted documents.

    Kim attends a local community college, graduating in two years with an Associate Degree before our marriage.

    I submit paid obituaries, a few years apart, for each of Kim’s phony parents, George and Alice Jones, in a newspaper of a distant city. Of course, Kim Strongman is mentioned as their survivor. On the internet I post some genealogy for George Jones, Alice Jones, and Kim Strongman Jones at Ancestry.com and Rootsweb.com as well as add her name to a few other sites.

    You have the picture. I have ten years in which to build a paper trail for Kim, who happens to be my paid spook-like agent. Now comes the hard part. Of course, what I would like to do is to fake an airliner crash after adding Kim to a bogus passenger list. The problem is that I don’t happen to have that sort of clout.
    Instead, I buy a 28-foot steel-hulled sailboat. My wife, Kim, and I join a local sailing club and make many friends there. We sail together some of the time. Frequently both she and I sail alone. We often sail many miles from shore, leaving shortly after daybreak and returning to our club’s dock at twilight. We make certain that our marine radio is operating, both for weather reports and for accessing the emergency channel.

    We also have a hand-held two-way radio at home with a marine band. We pick a day when the weather is problematical. Kim waves to friends as she sails off. In late afternoon the Coast Guard receives a frantic SOS from Kim. Her boat is taking on water, sinking faster than her electric bilge pump can discharge the water. She thinks that the sea-cock to the raw-water-cooled auxiliary diesel engine has cracked or that the packing in the stearing has failed. Regardless, she is putting on a life jacket; She usually carries a hand-held GPS but today she left it in her locker at the club by mistake. That is true, because that is where it is later found.

    However, unlike the GPS, Kim is not found before nightfall and, in fact, is never found. Sharks? Members of the sailing club have a memorial service and vote to name their proposed new clubhouse after her.
    What really happened is that “Kim” and I met at an isolated area of the shore just a few miles from where she set sail. We towed a two-man kyack behind our sailboat out to deep water, sank the sailboat, and paddled to shore. Taking care to avoid witnesses, we drove to the airport. Late in the day Kim called in her SOS using the hand-held radio before boarding an airliner for France using her real name and passport. Sue is alive and well and ready for an assignment abroad once I have another job for her. She is professional and reliable. As a grieving widower, I post some stuff about her on the internet but take care to alter photos of her, posting the sort that might make someone who never met her think that she never really existed. The last thing I want is for someone to recognize the face of the deceased victim of a tragic sailing accident.

    The above fictional narrative represents only one of several methods logically possible for creating a fake identity and then killing it off. The reality of the matter is that it is very difficult to obtain life-insurance benefits without a body. The companies have excellent investigators. This little game would probably land me in jail. However, in the absence of a professional investigation some people might get away with – can we say murder?

    PCGeek 19 Mar 2012 20:11 PM

    Re: Veterans Today article links letsrollforums.com
    Examining The 911 Script Is Not Inappropriate

    by Stewart Ogilby

    http://www.veteranstoday.com/wp-cont...ama_masks4.jpgDrama Masks

    In the extraordinary Don Juan in Hell scene in Act III of George Bernard Shaw’s “Man and Superman”, following what may be his best-known oration, Juan exclaims, As you say, they are mere words, useful for duping barbarians into adopting civilization, or the civilized poor into submitting to be robbed and enslaved. That is the family secret of the governing caste; and if we who are of that caste aimed at more Life for the world instead of at more power and luxury for our miserable selves, that secret would make us great. This is as true today as it was in Victorian England. It was for that reason, among more selfish ones, that the founders of our nation eschewed creating a blood-line ruling aristocracy.

    Earler in the same scene, in his tirade and castigation of mankind’s foibles, Don Juan makes the following observation, Their imagination glows, their energies rise up at the idea of death, these people: they love it; and the more horrible it is the more they enjoy it. A host of firemen, policemen, corporate employees, airline passengers, and a few would-be rescuers were said to have been dustified or chopped into body parts recognizable only through their DNA. Such is the stuff of 911.

    By controlling the 911 Truth Movement, seeding even honest efforts with appealing disinformation, those, and their supporters, who demolished the antiquated WTC buildings have diverted attention from efforts to flesh out nearly 3000 alleged victims. Instead, we have had over a decade of tireless speculation and studies of hijackers, airplanes, and foreign conspirators, as well as obviously fanciful topics – anything to distract from the reality of a masterfully obscured urban renewal project and its political spin.

    Perpetrators of the 911 hoax have posted online countless mawkish tributes to imaginary victims of a
    non-existent 911 human catastrophe. These were created as diligently as was their bizarre New York City 101-minute “news” video to appeal to a vicarious sentimentaliy, confident that the masses would respond appropriately.

    Dare to make a personal effort to intelligently discount what you have been obliged to see on TV, read in newspapers, and viewed on the internet. Reach out to locate and to offer condolences to families and
    survivors of a canonized, memorialized, honored, and forever remembered 911 victim from your own neighborhood.

    Go into your county courthouse and search real-estate tax rolls. Match data spewed on the internet in cloying legacy sites, obits, and memorials. Actually spend some time at two online forums,
    CluesForum.info andLetsRollForums.com. Find the sections regarding alleged victims. If this line of thinking offends you, please ask yourself why and avoid Don Juan’s criticism. Demand that grieving celebrity survivor-actors be held accountable. The purpose of playing, whose end, both at the first and now, was and is, to hold as ’twere the mirror up to nature: to show virtue her feature, scorn her own image, and the very age and body of the time his form and pressure. (Hamlet, Act 3, Scene 2).

    The 911 televised hoax is being exposed despite pains being taken to marginalize, deride, and mock those who question every aspect of the official 911 narrative, including a tiresome victimology, and have begun to dig into incongruities of a decade of pre-911 paper-trails cobbled together for nearly 3000 simulated victims of that well orchestrated spectacular myth.

    What may really hurt the masses is if, and when, they feel betrayed by their beloved talking movie box, the ominpresent television set. Abusing their sense of outrage and of compassion by invoking solicitude for the deaths of make-believe people may finally convince them that they are being lied to incessantly when it comes to news and other social matters. Perhaps they will then watch TV for weather reports, sports, and amusement only . . . ’tis a consummation devoutly to be wished.

    Brian Staveley 27 Mar 2012 22:40 PM

    Re: Veterans Today article links letsrollforums.com
    I've been reading his posts since you posted this. Looks like VT is really speaking some truth. Good for them.

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