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Re: Research Question - Would like your Help? (Passenger Lis

Originally Posted by Phil Jayhan
Here is some simple questions, which needs to be asked to consider all possibilities of what happened to the people on the alleged 4 flights.

How many people do we have in the public eye, that we know lost family or friends on any of the 4 flights?

How much evidence or proof do we have that there were indeed any people on any of the 4 flights?

Off the top of my head, I can think of only 3 people in the public eye who claim to have lost people on any of the 4 flights. Perhaps there are more, and thats where I would like your help.

Chuck "Chick" Burlingame - Pilot of alleged Flight 77 - Sister in public eye, and a staunch neocon for the Bush Admin

Todd Beamers wife, Lisa (That LetsRoll guy) who authored a book named "LetsRoll" which gives an account of her last 12 minute conversation with her husband which she never had. (He spoke to a Verizon Operator)

Ellen Marianni - Who lost her husband, Neil, allegedly on Flight 175.

Are there any more of them? Did I forget or not know about someone else? Can it be proven that there were indeed any people on any of the 4 flights? Were they carefully prepared aliases, with mock funerals as called for in Operation Northwoods?

I have long assumed that Flight 77 was filled with many of the actual perpetrators names who helped commit 911. I mean, who writes this crap anyways? The "LetsRoll" flight, if it was to happen, should have been Flight 77, which was filled with Military Leathernecks from all branches of the service. Can you imagine a plane filled with US Pentagon people from the armed services allowing 4 fanatical Muslims to commandeer their plane right into their HQ?

I suspect that Flight 93 was chosen to be the "LetsRoll" Flight to actually draw attention away from this inconvenient fact about Flight 77.

Now I said earlier that I have long suspected that Flight 77 is the best list of perpetrators who committed 911 that we have. They simply cashed in their old identities and placed them on the Flight, and started a new life afterwards. Thats why there are so many Military people from the Pentagon aboard it.

But is it possible that all 4 flights are, for the most part, a list of the perpetrators of 911, with a few rabbit hole identities thrown in to throw people investigating off track? (Like the few children on Flight 77 going to the National Geographics Tour in Cali?)

Would any of you mind helping in researching this, best you can with what you can think of and posting it here?

Perhaps we can slice through some of this smoke and mirrors and find something new...

i KNOW A GUY FROM Maine who was on Flight 11 but is not on the passenger list , he is 51 yr.old Roger Wiley

His wife already received 1.5 million in compensation but why was her husbands name ever on the flight passenger list ???

I will post more as i find out more , the brother will do an interview since he does not get along with his brothers widow .

Also , do not forget that you now have a picture of the beams of the WTC after the collapse that proves the demolition took place , all beams were cut at a 45 degree angle . i counted 6 visible beams on the You Tube Video !!!!!
Go get em , this will be the best production ever !!!!!!
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