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I have tons of research on passengers. Where do you want us to put the info? here is one from flight 77, Yeneneh Betru

Betru was director of medical affairs for IPC, Hospitalist Company in Burbank, he was working on creating a kidney dialysis clinic in Ethiopia (where his family was from) and was raised in Saudi Arabia. His family names are at this site:
Here is a page that has his brother's wedding, so it's hard to deny that he existed. They seem to be very well off. There are quotes from the people at IPC that he worked with. His brother has worked at a think tank with defense ties.
brother's wedding:

Some passenger's might be fake, but some seem real, what is more interesting are the kind of jobs a lot of them had and their connections to the military, although I can't figure this one out. There are a number of doctors and medical professionals, too
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