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I think this guy is real, William Caswell on Flight 77. Caswell ó who graduated with a doctoral degree in particle theory
from the physics department ó was a resident of Silver Spring, Md.,
where he worked as a scientist with the Navy.
His wife Jean, said that what he did was so classified he couldn't talk about it. One article I found described some of his work:
"applying artificial intelligence and nonlinear dynamics to
signal processing problems"
His daughter Jennifer now goes to Harvard and I read an interview with her, here is a picture and there is a strong resemblence:
Jennifer Caswell never refers to that fateful day when her
father, William Caswell, was killed on Flight 77. "I'm not
emotionally where I used to be," says the 17-year-old high
school senior, who worries that she is weaker than she might
ever have imagined. "I donít know what strong would be," she says.

An avid folk dancer, who enjoyed reading and playing pool,
Caswell "cared a lot about truth and wouldn't let anybody get away with half truths," Jean Caswell said. Mrs. Caswell described her husband as a "good, honest, caring and intelligent man."
memorial show tree planted for him by his sister's house.
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