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JOHN316 is a jewel in the roughJOHN316 is a jewel in the roughJOHN316 is a jewel in the rough
A silent weapon you can blame on nature, Ingenious.
This is a real eye-opener to see just how much of an iron fist they have going here.

Bad thing is that if your a skeptic on 9/11, just browzing the forums fo answers and you see a thread stating the US are responsible for the earthquake:....its just TOO far out for them.

Thats how I know I would react back when I was skeptic.
End times 'a' coming.
This has really disturbed me, what CAN we do?
Its basically the layman vs the NWO Einsteins.
Makes me want to drop out of school, move to the US, join the US airforce, bomb the generators and then high tale it to the vatican.
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