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person will become famous soon enoughperson will become famous soon enough
tens of thousands of frogs came out of the waters around the city!
I see perhaps a thousand at most.

Could you please explain in more detail how the pretty cloud images are PROOF of the HAARP array?

the clouds broke apart in very orderly fashion; proving that something from above (other than wind) was affecting this specific area of China.
This is mere speculation. Please substantiate these claims.

The "long wave" attack originated from the HAARP array in Alaska. These extremely long radio waves were pulsed slowly and traveled deep underground when they hit.
OK, so we have long radio waves passing through the earth, no problem. Why is it that they only effect China? They have to pass through a lot of earth on their way from Alaska to China... did they just ignore the earth in the middle and suddenly realise they were at China and cause an earthquake????

Lest you think that radio waves "can't cause anything to move" consider your microwave oven. Using as little as 500 watts, microwaves traveling through food "excite" the molecules within the food. The molecules start rubbing together. The friction of the molecules bouncing off each other causes heat. The heat cooks the food.
Microwave heating is most efficient on liquid water where the molecules are free to rotate as they align themselves to the microwave energy. The molecules in rock formations do not have this liberty and are therfore not effected nearly as much.

I would like to believe but the science doesn't stand up just yet.
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