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There is one inherent technical short coming in the whole HAARP program and that is the enormous amount of electricity it requires to bring the whole facility up and on line running at full power. It is my belief that the rolling blackouts that hit California a few years back and suddenly disappeared after Grey Davis in closed back room meetings signed us in to a 30 year debt and paved the way for the immediate fast tracking of, if memory severs me, 4 new power plants and prevented any decommissioning of our insanely dangerous nuclear power plants on a national scale. The power grid is all inter connected and power plants here in California supply electricity to this grid and what it ultimately gets for and where it goes depends on the switches and where peak power demands are. So when the sun is setting here in California the demand for electricity diminishes but at the same time the city of Las Vegas is just entering there peak demand hours and power generated by California power plants will be routed to Nevada to meet peek demands. Who mans these switches? DOE as far as I know. The only city unaffected by the DOE/DOD's "rolling Blackmail" was San Fernando. They had the foresight to take them selfs off the national grid some years earlier and are self sufficient.

The whole affair was artificially induced and was designed to facilitate the construction of 4 new coal burning power plants that where not needed if it where not for one exception. That being the DODS latest directive for "Full Spectrum Dominance" particularly the part pertaining to "Directed Energy Weapons", specifically "HAARP". As it turns out HAARP is a power starved pig that demands to be fed enormous amounts electricity if its to be operated in continuous mode. It is in this mode that it can be used in theory to generate earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. My understanding of the mechanics behind the concept are fully with in the scope of well understood existing technologies. HAARP is capable of triggering earthquakes that is all there is to it. Preposterous, hardly. The real question here is not, "Does the technology exists?" it does now turn the page. The real question is was it used or maybe more importantly does the Chinese Government believe that to be the case.

There are several points that need to be brought to the for front of any discussion regarding HAARP.

First off the enormous power consumption that is needed to operate in continuous mode at full out put is so large it taxes the nations electrical grid and makes the use of it any thing but covert.

Secondly there are several private watch dog organizations such as HAARP watch that monitor the HAARP facility. They use electronic sensing devices that detect the presence of ELF waves in the atmosphere and pinpoint the source and intensity. They maintain detailed records of when the facility goes on line and at what power levels they are operating at. This information is published on the INTERNET.

The third point I might add is the fact that the facility is now under the complete control of DARPA. For those of you that are wondering what the hell does this have to do with the price of tea in China I suggest that you Goggle DARPA and draw your own conclusions.

It is also important to understand that HAARP is not unique and its technologies are not new. Other countries have similar facility's operating at locations all over the globe. What makes HAARP stand out is its out put capability is far beyond what other nations have deemed acceptable and safe limits when dealing with the fragile ionosphere. The Russians have been openly critical of our lack of due concern and have even brought this issue to the UN stating western scientist are being irresponsible and cavalier.The location being in the high latitudes also raises concern among some scientists due to certain phenomena that is not fully understood that only happens at these higher latitudes that unless its intent was as a weapon is undesired.

One other thing is the method that is used to generate the ELF wave forms is by switching on then off the generators at a rate that mimics ELF giving it a finger print that is identifiable as artificial and different than naturally occurring ELF.

I would stress the point that if HAARP was up and running and on line at the time preceding this earth quake as stated by Fulford and friends then we have a very serious problem.You can rest assured that the Chinese posses the technology to detect the presence of these ELF waves and if they are in fact up in arms about this and are calling it an act of war you can guarantee they have more than just those photos to support those allegations. If thats the case the situation at hand is biblical.

The green crusaders of the global warming community want to put a moratorium on the very gas responsible for making the world green. They say the debate is over. That may be the only thing they are right about
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