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The HOLLOW Towers Photo & Video Thread

The HOLLOW Towers Photo & Video Thread

This thread is for photos and videos of the HOLLOW Towers. Phil Jayhan discovered and developed this concept.

Please, only basic discussion related to the posted photos and videos.

Discussion of the Hollow Towers belongs here:

Other photos and videos of the Twin Tower belongs here:

Photo found by Phil Jayhan

Originally Posted by The Surgeon
This photo was taken during the construction of the towers

Link to Lera & Associates, the structural engineers:

Comments by VonZolta: And looking at the South Tower to the right we see that the light is not shining through as much - its more opaque to the sunlight - but it might just be an optical thing. In other words both towers may have been in a similar state with reference to their 'incompleteness'.

Note also that the fact that the core of each tower runs in opposite directions may be a contributing factor. The core orientation --> The North Tower (WTC 1) had a core oriented east and west. The core of the South Tower (WTC 2) is oriented north and south.

Flight 11 hit the North face of North Tower
Flight 175 Hit the South face of South Tower

Submitted by Clive

Submitted by Clive

Submitted by Clive

Originally Posted by [B
Understanding The Silhouetted Images Of The Twin Towers. WTC 1
Below on the left is WTC 1 at sunrise. The view is not looking down the hallways, we look nearly along the long axis of the towers core. The vertical line of light in the lower segment is created by sunlight reflecting off the inner core walls then shining out the core hallway.
This was the north tower hallway layout, more or less, upper floors were different. The hallway scheme below went up to the 43rd floor for maximum strength.

Below, the North Tower had a core oriented east and west. This image is looking east at sunrise.. The camera perspective is not aligned with the hallway as can be seen by the orientation of the south towers roof indicating an oblique view. The light is reflected off the inner south shear wall at a hallway level where there is no doorway interrupting. Notice the very slight interruptions, dark streaks, whole dark floors. The nature of light under these conditions is to blend, blur and obscure solid areas between the light.
We see no light on the left side because the doorways on the north face do not align with the doors on the east face as they are on a different floor so no direct light and no reflective surfaces are at the proper angle. Above that, or the top sky lobby floor, the top floors had a different scheme with halls on one floor crossing in both directions allowing direct light

WTC 2 Silhouetted
The core of the south tower above (on right) is oriented north south with its long axis and had 2 halls crossing the short axis. We see no light through it because the doors on our face only reveal a shadowed inner concrete wall corner. See the 2 vertical, central lines in the image below.
Below: Tower on right, the north tower.
The interior box columns followed the slight taper of the concrete core to a point then had to continue vertically plumb to the roof as the interior wall of the outside tube of the steel framework. The purpose of this section and photo is to show the space between the interior box columns and the tapering core face at the upper floors. The north tower had hallways crossing perpendicularly every other floor (diagram below). This picture of the towers is looking due south through the towers.

Above: The north tower (right) core was oriented east west, so we are looking at the wide side. We see, from right to left; a light space from the out side to a dark column which represents the floor space to the interior box column, then there is another narrow light space left of that. That is the space between the interior box column and the concrete core face. Going leftward we see the facing concrete shear wall, dark, then the hallway crossing the narrow axis, then the core face again, then the space between the east core face and interior box column, then floor space to the east side of the building.
I believe the below image is WTC 2 from the north side. There was not enough of the surroundings in the original image to be certain of this The narrow blue lines indicate each side of the hallway openings and the thick lines the entire opening on the west wide side core face.

Submitted by Phil Jayhan

Thanksgiving 1972
Submitted by Howie

Originally Posted by Watarush View Post

This shot is interesting, not sure if thats a reflection on the top of the tower on the left, almost looks like you can see straight through.

Admin edit: Found this same picture above at this original link:

Submitted by Watarush

Originally Posted by [B
The Surgeon[/B];187155]I've taken the "Sylvia" video from 1971 and removed the unimportant sections and slowed it down by 50%.

Originally Posted by [B
Howie[/B];187093]I got some screen captures from that 1973 Sylvie video

September 1970

Submitted by Howie

September 1970

Submitted by Howie

Taken from Godspell 1973

Submitted by Howie
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