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Re: INGEBORG LARIBY: key figure in the simulated 911 victims fraud.

What does EDUARD SCHAEPMAN know about the INGEBORG LARIBY-hoax?

As shown in the last post, Joan de Zwart-Bloch was a classmate of IngeBorg Lariby in 1971.
She has been the mayor of Blaricum, a very wealthy small town of 9,000 inhabitants in the Amsterdam area, since 2008:

Interestingly Eduard Schaepman, Regus' CEO for Belgium, Netherlands and Luxembourg since 2004, is another well-known resident of Blaricum:

So, it's very likely Mayor Joan de Zwart-Bloch and Eduard Schaepman actually know each other. Indeed, mrs. de Zwart-Bloch participated in an award-event organized/hosted by Eduard Schaepman and Regus in 2009:

So you get the situation that a former classmate of IngeBorg Lariby participated in an event organized by the company
which she worked for on 9/11/2001 in New York. It's very likely Joan de Zwart-Bloch and Eduard Schaepman talked about
her at some point. The photo on the right shows mayor Joan de Zwart during this 2009 award-event:

Eduard Schaepman is frequently featured in the Belgian and Dutch media, in lots of interviews and tv-appearances.
As stated before in the posts about Ingy in Brussels in the nineties, there are lots of contacts and networking in between the Belgian and Dutch hotel-marketing and Regus-people. It's a small community, everyone knows everybody in some way.
To illustrate this, here is an interview of Eduard Schaepman by Belgian magazine 'Belgian Business Travel'. When you scroll down the names of the previous guest-writers, you come across three persons who actually worked together with IngeBorg Lariby in the nineties: Marion Flipse, Bruno De Man and Guido de Wilde:

Of course this link doesn't mean at all that these people met Eduard Schaepman as well, but it shows well the connections within their networks.

Another familiar name in this thread is Paulo Dias, the CEO for Regus Europe:

Obviously Eduard Schaepman (CEO BeNeLuX) and Paulo Dias (CEO Europe) frequently meet at all sorts of events, for instance here at the MIPIM in Cannes:

Paulo Dias worked together with IngeBorg as her sales-assistant at Regus Brussels in 1993, when she was the sales manager.
Very likely they talked about her as well, so Eduard Schaepman must have heard about her and the Regus 9/11 victims-hoax.

So what about Eduard Schaepman and Mark Dixon, Regus' founder and CEO?
These two gentlemen also meet frequently:

As is stated in her biography by Reed-Elsevier, IngeBorg started her career at Regus as Mark Dixon's personal assistent at the very first Regus Business Center in Brussels in 1989:
In 1987 IngeBorg becomes the public relations-manager of the Sheraton. After that she works as personal assistent of Mark Dixon, the British founder of Regus Business Corporation, a world-wide providor of flexible office facilities.

So it wouldn't be too far-fetched to assume that her name is frequently mentioned in their conversations. Or would it?

This is a 2009 interview with Mark Dixon for Dutch tv-show 'Business-Class" by Harry Mens.
Eduard Schaepman sits behind Mark Dixon on the left. At 2.24 Mark Dixon is asked about the economic crisis of 2002:

While Mark Dixon explains about the 2002 economic crisis and talks about the start of Regus in Brussels in 1989, he never mentions IngeBorg's name! Even though she started as her P.A. in the early Regus-days and she supposedly died in the Regus WTC-Center. So this is an interview for Dutch tv, with the Dutch Regus-CEO Eduard Schaepman participating as well.

Why don't they never ever mention IngeBorg in this tv-show "Business Class", which is obviously sponsered by Regus?
What is there to hide about her? Why do host Harry Mens and his daughter co-host Suze Mens avoid the tragic story of Dutch Regus-employee ms. Lariby, who 'perished' in the Twin Towers on 9/11 ?

The only possible answer for these questions is:

Just like Mark Dixon, Harry and Suze Mens know it was all a hoax:
they are aware of the fact that Regus and IngeBorg Lariby actively participated in the 9/11 terror-hoax.
IngeBorg's "death" was staged by Regus and the media, she is alive and well in another identity.
It's physically impossible she was a 'victim of the 9/11-attacks', simply because of the cold fact that there was no Regus Business Center in the WTC at all. Probably just a Virtual Office, which happens to be Regus' core business after all...

And Eduard Schaepman?

He must know that's what really happened on 9/11/2001...
" When you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth." - Sir Arthur Doyle - Larry McWilliams - "Just distrust the reality around you." - Oliver Stone
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