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Re: INGEBORG LARIBY: key figure in the simulated 911 victims fraud.

THE SEARCH FOR INGEBORG LARIBY WAS STAGED. part 1: James Lyons and his AON-vicsims.

This thread is all about the question: What happened with Ingeborg on 9/11? So far this issue has been analyzed from 2 points of view: her employer Regus and the Dutch media. In the next series of posts the events concerning Ingeborg on 9/11 and the weeks after will be analyzed from a third point of view: the Dutch authorities in New York.

This next series of posts is in fact one integral package regarding a timeline for the "missing Dutch" from 9/11 on. First some seperate elements of this timeline need to be addressed, all of them crucial parts of the entire story. One of these elements are the AON 9/11-vicsims.

James Lyons:

James Lyons claims he worked at AON on the 103rd floor of WTC2. On 9/11, due to circumstances, he went to his job much later than the usual time; so he survived that day...Lyons explains it all in the first 4 minutes of this video:

His World Trade Center ID-card:

In this video James Lyons claims he personally knew 2 of the AON 9/11-victims: Stephen Poulos and Michell Robotham.
These 3 interesting pager-messages are shown:

James Lyons explains he received these 3 messages from his AON-coworkers in New York, also from other AON-branches.
Please note the timing: AON had offices in WTC2, which wasn't hit until 9.03.
And these are some emails James Lyons posted in 2002:

Yes, Ivan,Clovis,Abraham and I are o.k. I have heard from
Tara,,Maria,Cecilia,Ian,Paul,Edwin,Yasin, but I have not heard from Steve or Mitchell have you any status from them.

Your Message:
From Jim Lyons - Are you ok? Please call 570 4215841 or email
Steve (Poulos) and Michell (Robotham) seem to be the only ones of the 176 AON 9/11-victims mentioned in these emails, just like in the pager-messages. All of he other names mentioned in these emails weren't 9/11-victims, while you'd definately expect some of the other AON 9/11-victims of the 103rd floor (aka James Lyon's floor) to be mentioned. For instance Howard Kestenbaum:

And why aren't Judy Wein and Gigi Singer mentioned in these emails?

Judy Wein, 45, and Gigi Singer, colleagues from Aon insurance's risk analysis group on the 103rd floor, had seen a fireball shoot out of the north tower and blow past their windows. The flames were so hot, Wein felt as if she was standing in front of an open oven.
They ran to the emergency stairwell. In 10 minutes, they made it down to the 78th floor.
These are some photos of 'Gigi Singer' (or the actress playing her role) who survived 9/11 'severely injured':

Please note the unnatural "blood-pattern" on her left leg; simulated wounds...

In fact, these photos alone debunk the entire case of the "AON 9/11-victims", for why would they feature simulated AON 9/11-'survivors' if they actually lost that many (176!) employees from their South Tower-offices?!...

Some more data on Stephen Poulos:

Stephen Poulos allegedly was a well-known opera-singer before he started his career at AON in the nineties, like in the opera 'The Grand Duke":

The lynch-pin role of Ludwig is played excellently by the late Stephen Poulos who went on to sing with the Metropolitan Opera in New York.
Steve Poulos was Lyon's boss on the 103rd floor South Tower. This link contains some photos of the view from his office:

And Lyons confirms it here:

I worked in a cubicle right outside Steve's office. We were on the 103rd floor. Our building [...] was WTC 2 - now commonly known as the South Tower. It was the second tower hit, but due the way the pane hit - much farther down - the first to fall. I have heard two versions about Steve - one was the version that Bob tells - that he was retrieving data tapes that were stored on the 103rd floor, and the other was that he, like many others, heeded the warnings of the Port Authority who announced that it was safer to stay inside, as debris from WTC1 was falling on the plaza below. I heard that many people (including Steve) were in the Sky Lobby on the 78th floor, about to leave, when this announcement was made over the PA system. No one would have though that this was bad advice at the time.
Although Poulos and Lyons met just after Poulos quit his opera-career and they worked closely together at AON for all of these years, for some reason he never told Lyons about this...

Michell Robotham:

An interesting case, in particular this newspaper-article:,3351648

Apparently it was Michell Robotham (friend of James Lyons) who helped Jennifer Fialko to get a job with AON on the 92nd floor.

So Michell Robotham is the link between James Lyons and Jennifer Fialko.

Jennifer Fialko is one of the AON 9/11-victims:

Those eyes...
These pictures look much better:

Her mother Evelyn Fialko wrote a long article about Jennifer in the magazine BioDiversity. This is a PDF which is difficult to load, so here are some screenshots of the essential parts of this long article:

- Jennifer Fialko met her soul mate only a few weeks before 9/11 and
- she spoke Spanish and Portuguese fluently:

This reminds of somebody...

Furthermore, her mother Evelyn mentions that Jennifer once called her: "momamacita". On her turn, Michell Robotham is called "Michelita" by one of her coworkers in the decription of one of her photos at her Legacy-page:

It looks like the same script-writer wote these texts, for the BioDiversity-article was definately written by a professional writer.

According to this article Jennifer, while on the 92nd floor of the South Tower, called her new soul mate at 8.58.
She had seen people jumping out the North Tower, some on fire...
Then her reaction is: "I've got to get out of here, as if someone had called to her." This is very strange indeed, while at this very same moment the announcement through the South Tower PA-system was made that it was safer to stay in the offices.
In fact, it is quite surprising that Jennifer still was on her 92nd floor at 8.58, for lots of the people on the upper floors were already at the sky-lobby on the 78th floor or even returned (!) to their offices from there, like James Lyon's boss Stephen Poulos on the 103nd floor!

In other stories from AON-employees on the 92nd floor, jumpers from the North Tower are also mentioned, like in this one by survivor Andrecia Douglin-Traill:

Andrecia Douglin-Traill, an Aon employee in her mid-20s who had started with the company only a week before, was in the class. She ran out to a nearby cubicle and called her husband's Midtown office. Screams erupted from people around her. "What's going on?" she asked. She turned to look out the window and caught a glimpse of what seemed like debris falling from the north tower. Then she realized it was not just debris. Desperate people were jumping to their deaths. She slammed down the phone and ran for her life. She survived.
As the "9/11-jumpers" are proven fakes, any article or witness-account confirming the myth of the 'jumpers' is a fraud.
James Lyons is linked with Jennifer Fialko through the connection with Michell Robotham, while in Jennifer's 9/11-script the North Tower jumpers are mentioned. He plays an important role in the backstopping of multiple AON 9/11 victims and survivors, including himself. Lyons actively participated in the hoax of the 176 alleged AON 9/11-'victims.'
" When you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth." - Sir Arthur Doyle - Larry McWilliams - "Just distrust the reality around you." - Oliver Stone

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