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Re: The "JFK-MURDER" was a STAGED EVENT / JFK wasn't "KILLED" on 11/22/63!

Originally Posted by Culto View Post
Are you suggesting that this black dot at the very moment of the infamous "headshot" might have been caused by alterations in the original footage? If so, then what would have been the purpose to create this dot on his cheek?

I understand you said midway in the thread this black dot was only in the oliver stone movie version?

quote from wikipedia:
"He filmed from the time the presidential limousine turned onto Elm Street about 12:30 pm Central Time, until it passed out of view under a railway overpass, though with one apparent brief interruption (see below). The sequence contains 486 frames, or 26.6 seconds of Kodachrome II 8 mm safety film,[1] of which 343 of the frames (18.7 seconds) show the president's limousine. By evening the film had been developed and three copies made. Zapruder immediately gave two of the copies to the Secret Service. On the morning of November 23, Zapruder sold the print rights to Life magazine, after which the original and the remaining copy were dispatched to Life's production facilities in Chicago.

"In April 1975, in settlement of a royalties suit between Time Inc. and Zapruder's heirs that arose from the ABC showing, Time Inc. sold the original film and its copyright back to the Zapruder family for the token sum of $1. Time Inc. wanted to donate the film to the U.S. government. The Zapruder family initially refused to consent, but in 1978 the family transferred the film to the National Archives and Records Administration for appropriate preservation and safe-keeping, while still retaining ownership of the film and its copyright. Director Oliver Stone paid approximately $85,000 to the Zapruder family for use of the Zapruder film in his motion picture JFK (1991)."
(just for info)

Tough even if he paid the zapruder family its nowhere stated(as for my search) from whom the copy was exactly that stone used. the original movie was sold to Time Inc. and they sold the original back to the zapruders who gave it away to the gov.(while maintaining all rights).

So the black dot seems to be only this prominent in the O.Stone movie.
This webpage discusess in the 2nd header which film is the most original:
It has also some other interesting points. Im reading it twice but havent have my mind up. It also mentions the white explosion blob beeing inserted.

Btw. Its interesting that O.Stone states in the above video that the backdrop was a hint for him that the shot was from the front.
But when we watch the nix movie then we see that the car breaks/stops at nearly the same time jfk's head "explodes" thus adding to the backdrop.
While that is not seen in the zapruder film it is also stated in the o.stone movie that the car breaks and then the headshot is fired.

Btw. I think an index of the most important posts is needed for such a long thread(or did you have something like this already?) cause one can get easy lost to the information espacially when keeping an open mind. the disinfo and layers are deep...

edit: did anyone check out already this docu about the zapruder film beeing acomplete hoax?
If you see that in relation to the 9/11 media fakery, actors on both sides of the spectrum then it is not out of bounds that this was a fake event.
The psyop with the gaby giffords headshot is then a possibly continuation of public mind washing.

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