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Re: Simon Shacks brother, Mario Hytten - One person Removed Bin Ladin

Is this Loop genius for real? What part of 'his brother was personally backed financially by Osama's brother/manager' do you find irrelevant? Do you not comprehend that the bin Ladens were key 9/11 insiders? That this plan has been formulated over many years?

Simon conveniently claims that both his brothers just wound up as human refuse but, magically, he turned out so pure. But you don't get sweet and brackish water arising from a single font. This is a family operation. Generational. Simon is nothing but a misdirection agent who showed up out of the blue, well after the no plane thesis was being analyzed, with no development phase whatsoever, no presence at all. He came packing his slick product, designed to lull you asleep, which added nothing of value to what was already understood - all his own innovations were designed to mislead. In the original September Clues (and maybe still there for all I know) he pretends that he can't recognize a car windshield in the Park Foreman scene, which he then even suggests is some kind of monitor. His "clues" are nothing of the sort. Simon showed up at that crucial point and derailed the research but his powdered wig posturing apparently still impresses some witless follower types.

Simon's dad was not some UN do-gooder (which are a rare enough breed) but he was used to infiltrate and disrupt the work of anti-mafia crusader Danilo Dolci. It's a family tradition.

"In 1967, Dolci accused at a press conference prominent members of the government, by name, of collusion with the Mafia." And so they sent in Eyvind Hytten. Controlled opposition.

"The smears certainly succeeded in pushing Dolci out of the limelight in Italy - for the last 20 years of his life he disappeared from public view."

Starting to get the picture yet? He's a fraud and the stupid posturing and self-aggrandizement should have been your first clue. Is anybody satisfied with his Osama photoshop as response to the real fact of his nearly immediate association with the BinLadin Group? He simply mocks and dismisses this glaring fact as if it's nothing? Is it "crass, horrid and absurd" enough for you?

Simon was sent in, like his old boy before him, to lead the investigation away from anything which might undermine the real security of the deception. He'll happily saunter around the environs that we'd reached anyway, misinterpreting the scene and mouthing lofty platitudes - and it's all just more mockery.

So what do you get? He spent a little bit of time establishing cover for the real people who appear as 9/11 victims, and who continue to perform all the various backstopping roles, by telling you that they're nothing more than pixel dust. And then you can spend the rest of your days discussing the "obvious CGI" of a memorial rock in Oslo.
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