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Re: 9/11 Closer Look At The Missile That Hit The Pentagon!

The Kursk carried twenty-four P-700 Granit cruise missiles which are anti-ship missiles that cannot be shot down or intercepted by NORAD. The P-700 signature on file with NORAD states these missiles carry a 500 Kiloton thermonuclear warhead and have targets of high value pre-programmed into their systems such as the Pentagon.

There is a lot of discussion in the Russian intelligence community that the 24 P-700 Granit anti-ship cruise missiles were stolen during the recovery in the year 2000. The missiles were supposedly buried in a closed-casket funeral meaning their warheads were sealed inside the silos - so they tell us. Some believe this is why the military ordered people in the nearby areas to take iodine when the missiles were supposedly buried and destroyed by the government.

I just read an article in the Moscow Times (in English) that states it was Dick Cheney's HALIBURTON that was awarded the contract to rescue the Kursk.

Interestingly enough, the morning of September 11, 2001 just 4 minutes before the Pentagon was struck, NORAD detected an incoming object flying @ Mach 2.5 that invoked them to ring the atomic alert for the 1st time in US military history and slam shut all atomic doors @ Cheyenne Mountain. NORAD immediately launched the Nuclear Retaliatory E-4B 'Doomsday' jet and dispatched a squadron of F-15 fighters over the Atlantic ocean to ward off further attacks. This is not the protocol NORAD follows for an attempted hijacking half way across the country. The Pentagon was hit @ the water line level just centimetres from the ground without harming so much as a single blade of grass. The lawn was left so pristine after the devastating attack that you could play golf on it. 6 super structure rings of the Pentagon were punctured in a split second w/ the same diameter of a P-700 and of course the thousands of cameras @ the Pentagon they tell us were not functioning @ the time of the attack. I remember watching CIA director Porter Goss in a live interview on camera across the street from the Pentagon and you can hear the distinct whiz of a Soviet-era cruise missile zip right over his head tearing light poles out of the ground and everyone runs for cover then you hear a massive explosion.

Vice-president Dick Cheney and Condaleezza Rice were immediately rushed away to atomic bunkers where they immediately call Moscow. Why Moscow?

Now that I am reading the company in charge of raising the Kursk was none other than vice-president Dick Cheney's HALIBURTON, it all starts to come together and make sense.

Funny how whenever I read of the latest 'terrorist' threats in the media, that the 'terrorists' are scaring us with '500 Kiloton Nukes'. One hit the Pentagon, that means there are 23 left ;)
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