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Re: The "JFK-MURDER" was a STAGED EVENT / JFK wasn't "KILLED" on 11/22/63!

Now, with all new data about the events on the towpath of 10/12/64 available in Peter Janney's book, it becomes possible to refine some of the findings already posted before "Mary's Mosaic" was published.

I'm still quite surprised that so many new basic data popped up in his book, for after all the events took place in 1964 and 1965. After all of those years one wouldn't expect that many new crucial data being published.

This is from my post about A Car on the towpath:

This map isn't accurate. I assumed the murder scene was at the edge of the 4300 and 4400 block of Canal Road.
However, Peter Janney mentions the exact distance between the Foundry Underpass and the crime scene, 637.5 feet:

See also this photo in "Mary's Mosaic":

According to Google Maps, this location would be around the 4100/4200 block of Canal Road.
In Janney's scenario ("CIA shot Mary") this would have been a very unlikey spot to attack Mary, for much too close to Georgetown. The CIA thoroughly studied Mary's daily routine walk on the towpath: she always walked to Fletcher's Boathouse, some 1.7 miles west from the Foundry. Thus it would have been much more convenient to attack her at a point much more to the west, away from the town.

Anyway, this is another interesting detail of that same photo:

Those cars parked right at the murder scene on the next day. I had a closer look at this and it turns out that in those days it was possible to enter the towpath by car through the Foundry Underpass.
Basically it is a tunnel which goes under Canal Road and the C & O Canal which gives access to the towpath.

This tunnel can be reached from Canal Road. The red arrow on the map indicates this location at Canal Road:

The entrance to toward the Foundry Underpass is on the right. Nowadays only allowed for pedestrians and bicycles. The tunnel goes underneath Canal Road and it connects with the towpath right fter the towpath pedestrian bridge, as it is indicated by Google Maps:

That means that the small wooden footbridge on the towpath (visible on the left) didn't block any cars that entered the towpath in the direction of the murder scene, which was westward. The Foundry tunnel itself is wide enough to drive through by car:


Now we're back at this photo:

It would have been possible to have this Police squad car at this very position on the towpath in order to arrest Ray Crump.
Still, he should have been handcuffed at the time. This is from page 47 of "Mary's Mosaic":

Ray Crump was put under arrest at approximately 1.15 p.m., and he waited quietly in handcuffs at the murder scene for almost a full hour before being taken Downtown to Homocide for booking.
By the way, with this small group of reporters and photographers gathering at the Canal Road side of the murder scene, one would expect at least one photo of a handcuffed Crump awaiting his departure from the towpath. According to the trial transcript, he must have been sitting there for almost an hour...

Another photo featured in Peter Janney's book:

During the drive to the Police Station, Crump was allowed to take off his wet yellow sweater (p. 49), so here he is shown in his T-shirt upon arrival. Once again, he isn't handcuffed! Well, he should, according to Janney on page 59:

In Washington, both the Evening Star and the Washington Post ran front-page stories that featured photographs of Mary Pinchot Meyer and Ray Crump, the latter shown in handcuffs at police headquarters.
This implies that Janney's statements about the handcuffed Crump contradict the photo he published in his own book...
But much worse than that, within the framework of the Offical Story, Crump was the only suspect of the towpath murder. From the very moment on that Wiggins had indicated that Crump "looked like" the man he had seen standing over the dead body, the police had assumed that Crump indeed was the assassin.

For the police it was crucial to prove that Crump did it; so first of all it didn't make any sense at all to have him wait at the murder scene for almost an hour. Essential forensic traces on Crump's body and clothes might have lost that way. Furthermore, despite of the multiple claims in Janney's book, the 2 available photos of Crump's arrest don't show him wearing handcuffs...

Although that in itself is a weird situation, it doesn't prove that these photos were staged. So the next question is:
Did Peter Janney give away anything in his book indicating that the photos of Crump's arrest actually wre staged?

Yes, he did...
" When you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth." - Sir Arthur Doyle - Larry McWilliams - "Just distrust the reality around you." - Oliver Stone

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