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Re: The "JFK-MURDER" was a STAGED EVENT / JFK wasn't "KILLED" on 11/22/63!

Originally Posted by Culto View Post
"Mary would be rough to live with." PART 3

( - John F. Kennedy - , according to Ben Bradlee, 1962.)


Dr. Peter Janney is a Massachusettes clinical psychologist, son of CIA-official Wistar Janney.

In 2005 he wrote this introduction-bio at the Education Forum:

Peter Janney posted his Mary Meyer research in the MPM-thread at Education Forum:

He bases his own research on the work already done by Leo Damore, a journalist who committed suicide in 1995:

The question has been asked who really was "William L. Mitchell," the alleged assassin of Mary Pinchot Meyer? What we know about Mitchell is that the day after the murder, he went to police in Washington and told them that he believed he passed Mary Meyer on the towpath [...]
Mitchell told police that a black man (who just happened to fit Ray Crump's description - the man who was charged with the murder) was following her about six hundred feet behind her. Mitchell told police that he ran the towpath regularly, worked at the Pentagon, and was a part time teacher at Georgetown University. Mitchell testified at Crump's murder trial in July, 1965 [...]

Mitchell was listed in the DoD directory in the fall of 1964 as "2nd Lt. William L. Mitchell." But then he disappears from the directory in the winter (1965). He shows up at the trial (July, 1965) and tells reporter Roberta Hornig that he is now a full time teacher in the mathmatics department at Georgetown University (GTU). The only problem with this is that there is no record of any "William L. Mitchell" ever teaching at Georgetown.[...]

Mitchell's place of residence was an apartment at "The Virginian" at 1500 Arlington Blvd. in Arlington, Va. Damore researched this address and found evidence that this was a known CIA safehouse. I followed this up two years ago and two former CIA personnel confirmed that it was indeed an agency safehouse, as were certain teaching appointments at GTU.

In my possession are several hours of tape recorded interviews between Damore and Crump's attorney Dovey Roundtree, Esq. Both Roundtree and Damore talk about Mitchell and how "convenient" his testimony was, and they both suspected his involvement. [...]

During the very late evening of 3/30/93, "Mitchell" contacted Damore by telephone.
On the morning of 3/31/93, Damore called his attorney and good friend Jimmy Smith. Damore started to tell Jimmy about the call and Jimmy started taking notes - 5 pages of them. I have these notes

He wanted to tell Damore what happened but did not want to be the fall guy.
"Mitchell" told Damore that he had several aliases, had been a former FBI agent, and then was recruited into the CIA. He had been assigned to surveillance of Mary Meyer right after the Warren Commission had been released. The order then came down to terminate her.

[...] the area that Mitchell worked in at the Pentagon was surrounded by other CIA spooks.
Ironically, the last job my father had at the CIA was "Director of Personnel" when he died in 1979.....

[...] Why was Mary Meyer assassinated (not murdered)?
Mary was killed two weeks after the Warren Commission was released. She bought a paper back condensced version of the WC the day it was released and started reading it. She was furious. She knew it was a complete whitewash, and wasn't worth the paper it was printed on. She told friends that she was thinking seriously of coming out and revealing the truth of what she knew. Allegedley, she confronted Angleton and her former husband Cord about the absurdity of the WC. I think she knew at this point that certain people within the Agency had engineered the assassination. For the future of the CIA, she was definitely a big problem. And she was courageous enough to speak out.
That's all quite interesting!
Please note the crappy sourcing of this whole story: "The real CIA-killer of Mary Meyer just calls a journalist and confesses the whole thing to him...
The journalist (Leo Damore) calls another guy who makes 5 pages of notes from it and Peter Janney obtains these very notes"...Sure...

There is more on the identity of Lt. William Mitchell in Nina Burleigh's book 'A Very Private Woman':

This is a quote from her book in The New York Times:

To quote from another hoax: "Houston, we've got a problem!" : Mitchell is a WHITE man!

The consequences for the given information that Mitchell is in fact a white gentleman are enormous for the trial of Ray Crump in 1965 and for Janney himself!
This degrades the whole "Mitchell shot Mary"-scenario (a "CIA-plot to get rid of her") at once to a very crappy theory.

There are 2 major consequences for the trial:

1. Wiggins was "in the plot". Remember in part 2 of this posting: he must have seen the real killer. He states at the trial that he saw Crump (a black man), but it was actually Mitchell, a white man, who killed her...

2. Allright: imagine this was a CIA-hit, Mitchell fired the shots and Wiggins frames Crump as the patsy at the trial.
Perfect scenario for the CIA, right? Crump is the perfect patsy (too perfect really..), Mary is murdered and Crump is convicted, a clean CIA-solution, isn't it?

No, it isn't. Both witnesses Mitchell and Wiggins fail to sufficiently identify Crump at the trial. That's one of the main reasons he got acquitted!......Now, that's really weird...

Thus, in this 'high-profile CIA-plot' they weren't able to coordinate the 2 witness-statements with the 'Crump is the patsy'-scenario? Unlikely: something's seriously wrong with the "Mitchell shot"-scenario.

Originally Posted by do2read View Post
One thing is clear, Dr. Fetzer is a Professor of Logic and Philosophy.

These subtle mixings and semantic manipulations are not accidents, as he is most aware of such things. To claim otherwise would be impossible for him without first resigning his position.

I would think of him like the magician's assistant, creating a distraction or puff of smoke at just the right moment when we might get a glimpse of the trick. Same would go for his minions.

None of the details about William L Mitchell as presented by Peter Janney are accurate, except for his name and where he resided in 1965. He probably worked briefly at Georgetown Univ. between his separation from the military and his Fulbright Fellowship. Nothing sinister, suspicious, untoward.....

The same information:

Directory of Computer Education and Research: Volume 3 T. C. Hsiao - 1973 - 1800 pages

MITCHELL, WILLIAM L. - Assistant Professor of Business Administration
Department of Management Sciences School of Business and Economics CALIFORNIA

See how this progressed?
Annual report to the president Cornell University. College of Engineering - 1961 - Snippet view
Spring Term only) Mr. William Mitchell (5th yr. B.M.E. Candidate. Fall Term only)
News and Notices - JStor

The Annals of Mathematical Statistics
Vol. 34, No. 3 (Sep., 1963), pp. 1133-1146
Mitchell, William L., B.M.E., (Cornell University); Graduate Student, Operations Re- search, Harvard University; 70 Perkins Hall, Harvard University, Cambridge
New York mathematical society. List of members, constitution, by-laws Mathematical Society - 1964 - Snippet view
American Mathematical Society. MISARE ... AI Math., Computation Lab., Harvard Univ., Cambridge, Mass. ... MITCHELL, WILLIAM L. I Pentagon, OR Group, Systems Dept., USADSC, Washington, D. C. l500 Arlington Blvd., Apt. l022,
Combined membership list of the American Mathematical Society and ... American Mathematical Society, Mathematical Association of America, Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics - 1965 - Snippet view
...... MITCHELL, WILLIAM L. I Pentagon, OR Group, Systems Dept., USADSC, Washington, D. C. 1500 Arlington Blvd., Apt. 1022, Arlington, Va. MITCHELL,

Harvard alumni directory Alumni Directory (Office), Harvard Alumni Association, Harvard University
MltcheU, WUliam Lockwood, 1500 Arlington Blvd. , Apt. 1022, Arlington, Va. 22209. g62-63

Optimal Service Rate Selection in Piecewise Linear Markovian
Title, Optimal Service Rate Selection in Piecewise Linear Markovian Service Systems. Author, William Lockwood Mitchell. Publisher, University of California,
Directory of Emeritus Faculty - California State University, East Bay
File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat - Quick View
Emeritus, 2001

MITCHELL, BILL (1969), Associate Professor of Business Administration: B.M.E., 1962, Cornell University; M.S., 1963, Harvard University; Ph.D., 1970, University of California, Berkeley.
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