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Re: The "JFK-MURDER" was a STAGED EVENT / JFK wasn't "KILLED" on 11/22/63!

The life of Florence Pritchett (2)

Already shown in this post, Florence was somehow connected with the NY Waldorf=Astoria hotel. For instance, she organized these two ballroom charity events there, with some quite familiar faces present:


Besides the NY Stork Club (where she met JFK in 1944), Flo Pritchett was seen frequently in the Waldorf=Astoria hotel. At least from 1942 on when she was 22 years old:

With this in mind, it's interesting that the Waldorf=Astoria hotel seems to 'pay tribute' to the November 9, 1965 Power Blackout event in a very creative way: by means of the "Blackout Club."

The Waldorf=Astoria Hotel celebrated the first anniversary of the great New York blackout with Benny Goodman and Harold Arlen (composer of “That Old Black Magic”). On this occasion, the Bull & Bear was illuminated only by candles, with captains escorting guests to their tables by the light of a railroadman’s lamp. Tony Bennett attendedthe second Blackout Anniversary Party on November 9th, 1967, the special “Black Menu” for which included black bean soup ($0.95), Black Angus sirloin steak with black eyed peas and black currant jelly ($8.75), black coffee ($0.95), and Black Russians ($1.50). The eyes of the antique bronze figures of the bull and bear above the circular bar were specially decorated to glow in the dark, all the better to witness the cutting of a Blackout Anniversary Cake with black candles.
Two “Blackout Closets” (with doors labeled as such) were established on the first and seventh floors, well-stocked with vigil candles, hand lanterns, pry bars, and hack saws. Emergency battery lights were installed on the outsides of these closets so that in the event of a power failure the entrances could still be quickly located and batteries inserted into flashlights
For after all, Florence passed away on that very same day (11/9/1965) only about 8 hours before the NY blackout started.
This happened in 1963:

The Thursday night before his 46th Birthday of May 19, Kennedy was present at a dinner Democratic Party fundraiser party in the NY Waldorf=Astoria hotel. After the dinner he went to the apartment of Florence and Earl Smith...This was to celebrate JFK's last birthday (before the events in Dealey Plaza.)
On the very day of his birthday, Wednesday May 19, 1963, JFK was present at a wild birthday party on the presidential yacht 'Sequoia.' This photo was taken at that party:

Mary Pinchot Meyer at JFK's 46th birthday Party on the presidential yacht Sequoia - May 29, 1963. (Photo by Robert Knudsen - JFK Library.)
(Robert Knudsen, White House/John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum, Boston)

Mary and Tony Pinchot knew Florence and Earl Smith. They had met during one of the White House dinner dance parties.
(Sally Bedell Smith, 'Grace and Power', page 308 )

As was described in this post, Jackie was friends with both Mary Pinchot and Florence Pritchett:
Although Jackie was fully aware of the JFK-Flo Pritchett relationship, she was actually friends with her; these two ladies just had a normal friendship with each other! After all, they were neighbours in Palm Beach, they spent time chatting with each other near their pools and they made boat trips together on the Honey Fitz, as is shown on this unique photo:

There is some unique confirmation avalaible of the decades long relationship Flo Pritchett-JFK at the JFK Library:

All kinds of letters and documents related to Florence & Earl Smith and their ties with John Kennedy!
Brilliant stuff, like for instance this:

A letter from Flo to JFK's secretary Evelyn Lincoln. And this one:

A letter from Flo to JFK in which she jokingly 'complains' that her husband Earl had received this newsletter about sexual freedom.

This one is very special:

The JFK Library actually has an original love letter from Florence to JFK of 1947...
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