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Re: The List of the Dead at Windows on the World on 9/11 - 76

I don't really understand the purpose of this thread, perhaps someone can enlighten me.

Is it an investigation into the Dead/Non-Dead (at the Windows on the World) on 9/11 ala September Clues?

Whatever it is, I presume the ultimate goal is to try and get to the truth of what 9/11 was and in that spirit I joined the forum to address some of SC's (understandable) paranoia, suspicion and distrust of everyone (& me and my brother in particular).

Anyway some answers to some questions/comments posed on this curious thread.
Mainly in response to some of felixfelix's posts:

10 Apr 2014:

>In a curious Sept 12 2013 press conference
>where Matt Campbell wants an inquiry in to Building 7

It wasn't a press conference, it was a reinvestigate 911 meeting (my second I had attended, and the only one I've spoken at to date. I also spoke at a 9/11 debate about 2 weeks ago, which was my second time, no doubt when that gets posted online it will be pulled apart too ).

I don't want an inquiry into WTC7 per se, it's just something that's hard to dismiss and has been useful to me 'coming out' with my family re 9/11.
It was my first time talking about my brother & 9/11 in public so as someone commented on SC, it was unnatural and uncomfortable.

Rob and I bought a racehorse in a syndicate of about 40-50 friends & family.
We only had Geoffstar for a few years and he was sold on (we ran out of funds to maintain it; it's the sport of kings not normal folk).

NapXchange was a competition site (based on horse racing and football(soccer)).

TS-A was a company I founded with two other chaps (not my brother Rob) and I resigned from after about 5 years.

Yes the YT video embedded is of me speaking was from the event at Passing Clouds in London (reinvestigate 911 meeting).

21 Apr 2014:

Ian Henshall asked me to go on Kevin's radio show to talk about some of the stuff I've been up to, so I did.

>Matt Campbell met a terrorism officer at his housewith "a police officer" to discuss the official narrative - says the t.o. wrote the coroner's report, allegedly
> yet ..Matt couldn't be bothered in attending his brother's inquest in January [2013?].

The police officer was our Family Liaison Officer

>This astonishes me

I guess this does sound odd, but you don't know me or what's been going on in my life.
I've spent 12.5 years (since Dec 2001) going round in circles questioning first, then not believing the Official Conspiracy Theory and being led down every rabbit hole possible, I knew the Inquest would be BS, so I didn't bother attending, nor did anyone in my family.
I regret that now of course, since I've finally decided to do something, but I simply wasn't in the right space mentally to attend (the Inquest was in Jan 2013).
Now for the privilege of receiving a copy of my brother's 3 hour Inquest I have to pay £375

>Matt says: "more than three months have passed", and now he wants it re-opened on new evidence. Bizarre.
The reference to 3 months is to do with reopening/challenging Inquests, once more than 3 months have passed the only route is to petition the Attorney General

>Ray Savage **, ex-Counter terrorism officer, was present.
Yes he was, so too was Tony Rooke.

>Remains of only 10 people out of 67 victims, have been repatriate vdd to the UK for inquest says Matt.

The Inquest was for the 10, the remaining 57 haven't had one as far as I know.

>I find no media reference to this interesting sounding inquest on Geoff.
Which isn't surprising given you chaps know how the MSM works.
You can call the Coroner's office - 30th January 2013 was the date.

>Yet Matt goes to attend the Tony Rook TV licence withholding court case....
>[from about 10 mins in the podcast]

I received an email sometime in mid Feb (from either Global Research of from the TAP blogspot - can't remember) and since it was only 20-30 minutes by train I decided to go and actually meet real people re 911 (rather than going round in circles behind a screen).
I got lucky and was one of ~25 in the court room (small magistrates court), that's where I met Tony Rooke along with other 911 people (afterwards).

>[as always, privacy is required]
>Any remains can only have been identified by DNA techniques.

Privacy yes, it was directed at the press; we were getting hounded by TV, print media and all sorts.
It was relentless.
And yes by DNA, we've had 6 over the years.

>PS just noticed some fascinating discussion here:
>April 8 2014 onwards..

I've challenged Simon Shack (in an email and on the TAP comments), but he's not gotten back to me yet.
As you can see people are asking me to prove 'stuff', but until I get a clear criteria of what will pass as proof, I'm not releasing anything (esp. as it will probably be personal stuff).
Especially not to Simon because if he applies the same quality of analysis as he did to the 'slit throat' photo of my brother and the 'poor shadow job' of Geoff and his fiancée, we'll get nowhere and these baseless accusations will continue.

His analysis which pronounced Geoff a VicSim is shoddy, lazy and just BS; for Simon's followers' sakes it had better not be indicative of the quality of his other research.
Hence independent verification needed.

Also the tributes are real, Geoff was a real person and had friends and family, as I'm sure many of you do, and Cathy Campbell is my cousin.

I have a question for people on this forum:
Who thinks _all_ the victims were VicSims on 9/11?
If not all were VicSims, and some really died, how many would be enough (for the pretext of war, restriction of rights etc. etc.)?

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