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Re: Simon Shack, Maker of Sept Clues brother, Mario Hytten - One person Removed Bin L

I don't think it's terribly cool to be putting up videos of people's kids for no purpose whatsoever other than apparent intimidation while, simultaneously, I would assume it nurtures sympathy for the man you overtly condemn.

The man we'll call Simon has also been throwing Mario under the bus at every turn since he arrived from nowhere, research-wise. That's not very clever strategy if Simon is Mario. If Mario created a fictional brother that then leads right back to Mario and his personal Bin Laden relationship, that would be kind of pointless.

Simon has no qualms whatsoever about using children to achieve his ends, as I well know since he immediately used the 2010 murder of my teen cousin to denounce and ban me, by pronouncing her a sim before she'd even had a funeral. That was just payback for my refusing to toady during the previous week, pushing back and showing a little tooth. He saw an opportunity to demonize me and he jumped at it without a second consideration of conscience or fact.

Simon likes to explain my banning away as if it was because I was battling previously. In this thread, Andy Tyme (another of Simon's controlled opposition) described this alleged shit storm as the biggest blow up he'd ever seen in cyberspace, just like Simon does. Prove it then. Show me the shit. It doesn't exist. It was negligible but they need that story to displace the truth that inauthentic Simon leveraged my family tragedy to preserve the illusion that Simon is unquestioned and all is in concord. I was so amazed that he was suddenly revealing himself as a total liar that I barely could respond before he banned me and allowed his clutch of babies to assume I refused to answer due to guilt. But it's just these shills obscuring the simple facts, still on record and easily checked. I'll post some screencaps.

And somehow Simon's day-spawned and flawed pop-up opposition and fake defectors still manage to praise Simon just the way Simon would want the record to read. From where I stand Simon is an unimpressive weasel lacking all substance. He exhibits all the traits of a true psychopath and manages his forum according to the classic brainwashing checklist. I'm constantly reminding myself that the militant Machiavellianism required for such a deception operation like that which he's engaged in will appear exactly like psycopathy and so not to take his crimes personally. His agenda is primary and impersonal - but the fact that he must necessarily conform himself to a psychopathic are what you do.

Anyway, I was just now checking an early Simon website, originating March 2001 and presently defunct, in the Internet Wayback machine. The site itself, /, which I've checked in Wayback before, is ostensibly a promo for his house available for use as some kind of goofy vibes 'n' chow Shangri-La for recording musicians which will be utterly ridiculous on its face for anybody who is at all familiar with recording real bands.

Before I forget, I'll just mention that the very first March 2001 capture of "The Base" (some might translate that "Al Qaeda") lists someone named Mariano among the crew, but he's excised in all later versions. Chino Mariano is the real name of, who has vouched for Simon's authenticity, having made the dubious , pilgrim's trek to sit with the guru a number of times, yada, yada.

But here's something curious - when you click on Wayback's capture of Simon's bogus site for July 28, 2002, it takes you straight to the present FBI main page, still within the Wayback frame!

July 28, 2002 here:

Will land you right here:

"...sponsored by Saudi sheiks - and I was invited to fly in their Gulfstream executive private airplanes."
- Simon 'Shack' Hytten
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