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Re: Simon Shack, Maker of Sept Clues brother, Mario Hytten - One person Removed Bin L

This little factoid about "Eyvind Hytten" comes courtesy of Wikileaks. See here:

Now, there's reason enough to doubt Wikileaks. Its quartermaster Edward Snowden is likely a digital simulation; a computer-generated non-entity: the bleeding edge of Max Headroom technology today.

So anything that Wikileaks does publish is, by definition, suspect. Likely not a leak at all, but very much meant for public consumption, whether factual or not.

What we have here, then, is a supposed telegram from 1974, sent by Henry Kissinger's office to the US mission in Geneva. It explicitly mentions Eyvind Hytten by name.

Now, I dunno, but I struggle to believe the Secretary of State's office would really be involved in this minutiae. Bothering itself over the flight and hotel details of a very minor diplomat?

With Kissinger even getting the mission to tell the UN's "Hytten" of those hotel arrangements?! Even if Hytten existed (I remain sceptical) he was never an important person to the US State Dept. So why tell him which hotel its diplomat was actually staying in?

Naah, not buying it!

This little stinkoid feels very fake - another dollop of Wonkyleaks. Designed to get the simmy name of "Eyvind Hytten" onto the public record, many decades later, for whatever reason. Perhaps to bolster the back-story for "Simon Shack", the supposed son of "Eyvind Hytten".

As said before, all these factoids we discover about the Hyttens feel like Scooby-Doo clues. Planted on the world wide webs, and jus' waitin' to be found.

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