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Re: Simon Shack, Maker of Sept Clues brother, Mario Hytten - One person Removed Bin L

Proof of Mario's lengthy home videos missed by "Psyopticon." I grabbed these from Mario Hytten's YT channel the first week of February 2014. No longer accessible.

So I also have a few questions/comments for Psyopticon.

Who are you? It's a little too late in the day and a lot self-defeating in this context - while we're trying to unravel the deceptions of infiltrators who feel safe hiding behind phony personae - to continue pleading that you're afraid someone you know might find out you're weird. The Big Bad Wolf already knows who we all are. It's only we sheep who get abused by this tactic. We're all brave here so stop modeling cowardice. Establish your identity.

I think we have every right to know since you've been nothing but a mirror for everything Simon, like another anonymous "Ab Irato", right until the last day of your twinned union and then sudden, mysterious defection/banning. You have been nothing but a shill for Simon since your relatively recent appearance as "Psyopticon." And nothing's changed. If so, what?

Here you are, speaking in Simon's voice and pushing nothing but Simon's absurdist agenda, ranging all things along the simmy-sim-vicsim continuum at your whim and convenience. You're using his idioms, matching his personality, betraying his idiosyncrasies and, along with your cohorts, completely ignoring or diminishing the very obviously damning information, firstly, concerning the high-level infiltration and destabilization operative, Eyvind Hytten, and secondly, the Hytten-Bin Laden connection and evident follow-up lies crazily maintained by Simon despite every proof exposing him. Kissinger is shown to be concerned about the arrangements made for his man Hytten? You simply flip that on its head and take that as proof that Hytten was not important to Kissinger. Straight face the whole time. White is black and black is white.

You say the Manchurian Guardian is a Fabian rag and that the person who is publicizing this information (me), which puts Eyvind Hytten in a bad light, is suspect and "spooky." Let's keep it straight. The Swedish group, Friends of Dolci, had, at the first, sponsored Eyvind Hytten, a sociologist presenting himself as ready and willing to accept funding so that he could go to Sicily and offer his particular expertise in assisting Dolci, who was just a poet who found himself arrayed against the post-war mafia/US military-controlled Italian politicos whose enrichment required that the starving poor live in squalor. Dolci began standing in front of the world media and naming names of mafia-puppet politicians...cue Hytten.

Hytten's actual agenda was directly contrary to the words he'd used to con his Swedish sponsors to give him their money and cover. The Manchester Guardian ran a story which spoke approvingly of a practical need to transition from "Dolci the saint" to "Hytten the technocrat," and the duped Swedish backers' press release condemning Hytten's betrayal and "washing their hands" of Hytten, was in response to that Guardian article which, they held, was intentionally misrepresenting Hytten's actions as benign.

Quoting pgs 45-46 from "A Passion For Sicilians: The World Around Danilo Dolci" by Jerre Mangione, 1968:
The clipping from the Manchester Guardian was headlined "Attempt to Replace Dolci in Sicily"; it consisted of an interview in London with Eyvind Hytten, who told of his split with Dolci and described his plans for establishing an institute in Palermo to train development workers. He was quoted as saying:We did not want to be instruments for maintaining Dolci's fame. We wanted his fame to be an instrument for our work for Sicilians. I think that we, more than Dolci, now represent the possibility of doing something for Sicily." Speaking of the institute, Hytten added that Sicily was "an ideal place" to give practical training to development workers from all parts of the world. The writer of the article continues: "It is not yet certain that the institute will come into being. Nor is it certain that the decline of Dolci's organization is irreversible. But there seems to be some logic in the progression from Dolci the saint to Hytten the technocrat."
The Swedish committee's press release, however, indignantly denied any logic to the situation. "We deplore the manner in which Hytten has publicly taken a stand against Dolci," it said; then fully washing its hands of Hytten, whose work with Dolci the Swedish group had originally sponsored, it declared: "We will in no way participate in Hytten's plans, but will continue to support Danilo Dolci in his tireless campaign to release Sicily from the grip of poverty and a powerful Mafia." Another part of the statement sharply criticized the Manchester Guardian for giving its readers the false impression that Hytten had become Dolci's legitimate successor in Sicily.
And what do you suppose became of the "institute" that Hytten vowed would replace the man who had thrown his entire being against the machine? Nothing. Hytten kicked at Dolci's ankles and sunk the knife in his back while posing as a friend and did what all his known enemies could not. Then, the job being done, he skipped off to Africa to likewise save some of their refugees.

And so when you poo poo this information showing the Hytten patriarch for what he is and who he worked for, on the grounds that you don't trust the newspaper - the same newspaper the Friends of Dolci publicly correct through their press release - well that doesn't follow at all, does it? It's entirely nonsensical. Or maybe you can walk me through the steps and make me understand.

I could continue long and hard but here's what I most want:

You need to come clean about who you are or you will just be the guy who writes for Simon Hytten, as far as I'm concerned. The Simon puppet being used to further infect the same false logic, intentionally absurdist speculations, and joke theories into this forum.

Simon/you and the cohorts must confront the established and inescapable lie Simon has been caught in. Nobody knew he was on the Bin Laden payroll until I discovered it. Once discovered he admitted to a minor role. And now, a quote he made before that discovery had been unearthed, which has him gloating about rubbing the elite elbows of some unnamed "Saudi sheiks" as he flew around with them aboard their private jets, exposes, very clearly, his claim of minor interaction to have been a flat lie, and his own words have folded back upon and entrapped him. Show me how he's not a liar. He's a liar about what manner of creature he is: A pet on a string for some blood-soaked, world class 9/11 glitterati.

I want to know who these sheiks were, what was discussed, what was the payoff and how has it been delivered. I want to know all about the "important friend" Mario Hytten already knew from Sweden named Yeslam bin Laden, how long they really knew each other, did they both attend the same Swiss boarding school, etc.

Before anything I want you to walk me through, one time, how exactly this completely impossible to believe defection is supposed to have played out. You say that you mentioned "Tavistock" while skypecasting with Simon's instant disciple-in-a-can, Ab Irato, and he hit the ban button or something. And then, first time ever, somebody forgot to record that one exchange. Yeah.

For their part, they muttered something about your voice modifier glitching. Of course, nobody is ever keen to volunteer elaborations about something that is, in fact, bullshit. Smoother if you can just coast past the lynch-pin issue and launch into the history of British think tanks or whatever lends an atmosphere of legitimacy. The same day you play defection you create because you're real serious about exposing this Tavistock thing that those guys don't want you talking about. You were on to the Tavistock thing 20 years, you said, they've shown their hand and.....the newly created webpage served its purpose as a prop for your entrance and now, whatever, who cares.

So, nothing happened but you expect to be accepted as genuine, one of the guys - a complete 180 reversal, no viable explanation...infiltrating here, feigning an air of having been turned away unjustly. You toss off a few dumb-dumb posts, bravely denying the existence of Harrier jets against the suddenly reasonable by comparison Simon, your nemesis, and then it's back to mirroring Simon doctrine, amplifying Simon dogma; the same tired, old and ever more obvious gaming, exhibiting a complete disregard for the truth, here as there. You were deployed to diminish what is dangerous to Simon and the 9/11 deceivers, in any way possible. Who can merely wink at such thin fabrications and obvious posturing?

"...sponsored by Saudi sheiks - and I was invited to fly in their Gulfstream executive private airplanes."
- Simon 'Shack' Hytten

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