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A few words

Another good source for the connections in the longest running empire in the world is Jim Marrs' "Rule by Secrecy".

I believe the answer to our collective problem is much simpler that most think. We don't even have to pick up guns and fight. If it were possible to get all the proletarians of the world to truly believe (I know, That's the real trick), i mean really believe that this is the way it is. All we would have to do is just walk away from it. Seriously, if every single soul in the world not directly connected to the "elite" just picked a date and on that date no one goes to work or school or anything(the military would have to be deprogrammed and quit too) "they" couldn't do anything about it. The only real power that they have we ignorantly give to them just because we are told from childhood that "this is just the way things are". Those words coming from anyones mouth angers me to no end. "That's life!" is the biggest, most popular cop-out known to man. Right now there are 6 billion people on this planet saying, "I'm just one person, one voice. What can I do?" 6 Billion proles against a couple of thousand self-righteous, power hungry, evil human beings sounds like pretty good odds to me! Our biggest hurdle to cross are these propaganda induced culture lines that everyone's been duped into believing. We are devided by race, religion, F****** tax brackets and even things as ridiculous as favorite sports teams. Although the words could stem from evil origins as a method of control, some of the most sage words put together into a phrase are "Together we Stand, Devided we fall", but friends we've never been so divided before! It our cultural gaps grow larger and larger with every year that passes by. What is needed is a world wide "awakening". Everyone:white, Islamic, Asian, African Americans need to come together for the common reason that we are all in this exsistence together and we all just want a little piece of happiness before we burn out from this life with no more interest slavery, no more fighting other peoples' wars for their own financial gain under the guise of fighting for freedom. I am not proud to be an american, I'm proud to be a human being equal to all others. Spread the word!
War is Peace
Ignorance is Strength
Freedom is Slavery
-George Orwell
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