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Originally Posted by someone - somewhere
heres a theory.....

the dinosaurs probably evolved probably from the sea. some dinosaurs evolve more than others and develop homo sapien characteristics (ie standing). they wipe out the other dinosaurs. they rule the earth, and carry on evolving over the next millions of years. then along comes man. toys for the dinosaurs to play with. millenia of fun playing with their puppets. inventing religions. trying to keep themselves more and more amused by our power games. when we have served our purpose and developed enough technology to leave the immediate solar system, they will dispose of us all?
You are actually touching upon a very good question.

WHY? Why do the lizard people live in hiding just to use us as their pawns? Entertainment? really?

I mean, if they want world domination and amass large sums of money, THEY should have technology that can kill us all and dig up every last ounce of gold on the planet.

I mean....fundamentally...WHY would they do what they are doing?

Just for a better race on earth? Why bother waiting around thousands of years, just genetically alter the race(s) we have.

These are lizard creatures that have the capability to live underground for centuries and can dictate any and all events on earth.
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