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Dear Phil - re: The Reformation's NATIONAL 'churches'

FYI...(somebody simply has to tell you this stuff! <g>)

"...Thus arose from the very beginning the various PROTESTANT 'national Churches', which are entirely discordant with the Christian universalism of the Catholic Church, and relies, alike for their faith and organization - ON THE WILL OF >>THE SECULAR RULER<<. In this way the Reformation was a chief factor in the evolution of ROYAL ABSOLUTISM." - qouting from

'VI. Results & Consequences of the Reformation' @

The CONSTITUTION of the United States of America which PROHIBITS the State from establishing and imposing a NATIONAL 'RELIGION' was the result of our Nation's Founding Fathers from having to deal with none other than the 'Flagship of the Protestant Reformation' called the 'CHURCH OF ENGLAND' whose 'Ecclesiastical Ruler/Head' was/is either the KING or QUEEN OF ENGLAND!

All the 'Baptists', all the 'Methodists', all the 'Quakers, all the 'Etc.'s' who came FROM ENGLAND to settle in the United States of America came TO America >>TO ESCAPE<< their religious prosecution by THE CHURCH OF ENGLAND and it's King..and >>not<< the Catholic Church and its Bishop of Rome!

And you should see what 'The King of England' and >>HIS<< Church of England did to CATHOLICS and the Catholic Church in England!!!

But what the hey! What does historical FACTS and TRUTH have to do with anyone's anti-Catholic bigorty and prejudices now anyways, right?
('Those slime-ball CATHOLICS just screwin' up the entire world with their 'Mary Worship'!)

- tocarm
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