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You people are A RIOT! <lol>

"With the 'ACT OF SUPREMECY', the King was declared the SUPREME HEAD of the English Church, with fullness of authority and jurisdiction."

"JOHN CALVIN....he rejected the Pope, but he became MORE that a Pope. The virtual RELIGIOUS & POLITICAL DICTATOR of Geneva, the capital of the non-Lutheran Reformation in Europe."

"ULRICH ZWINGLI...had strong discussions with Luther... BOTH AGREED that the church should be UNDER THE CONTROL OF the civil-government - A STATE-CHURCH." - quoting from:

Like the Lord Jesus Christ Himself taught and which the Catholic Church ENSURED remained written 'in everyone's Bible':

"Can one BLIND MAN lead another? Surely, both will fall into a pit??"

Again, WHERE in 'The Edict of Milan' did Emporer Constantine make his Roman Empire the 'Roman Catholic Church'. FIND IT in the document and QUOTE IT for me!

'The Edict of Milan'

So for ALL OF YOU - if the Catholic Church ISN'T the Church founded by Jesus Christ and if it DOESN'T TEACH Christ's Divine Revelation to mankind - could any/all of you please 'CLUE IN A CLUELESS CATHOLIC CHRISTIAN' which "Church" I ought to belong to in order to obtain THE FULNESS of Christ Jesus' Teachings? Here ya go - a list of Protestant denominations - please TELL ME WHICH ONE is the 'True Church'!

I'd rather NOT tell you what all of you look like to me with your frivilous, pointless, unsubstantiated, reckless, bordering on the insane imaginings and comparisons that you are making here.

But if all of you INSIST on embarassing yourselves to the entire world over the Internet - who am I to stop you?

"Have Fun!"

- tocarm
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