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Cage305 - "Who made YOU 'Christ'?"

First off, my dear judge and arbitrator of Christ's Teachings, who in God's Creation gave YOU authority to make your public pronouncements on God Incarnate's Own Divine Teachings? Hmmm???

Now which 'pagan traditions' are you refering to? Be specific.

What do you mean by 'backwards' (and in comparision to 'what'? What do you hold as being 'progressive')?

And what do you mean by 'flawed' (and in comparison to 'what? What do you hold as being 'impeccable')?

What 'church' do you belong to? If none, then what sort of religiousity or spiritism to you uphold and promote?

If you have 'enough courage' to come out of your woodwork to denounce the Divine Teachings of Christ as handed down to the human race via the Divine Agency of His Church here on earth - then surely you can muster up enough COURAGE to come flat out and tell the people of the world via the Internet exactly what is your 'religious/spiritual' affiliation(s).

If you wanna play 'Hardball' - well then 'Let The Games Begin!'

- tocarm

P.S. Don't worry about all these other anti-Catholic 'bible believing' self proclaiming 'christians' here on this particular forum who have already made their 'contributions' to the Defense of Christ's Teachings. You have my solemn assurance that they will sit 'on the side lines' remaining in the pretified muteness and will not so much as either say a word or lift a finger to 'defend their ('christian' <ahem>) faith'. All of them are but HOT AIR, talking 'big and bold' - but they are all cowards.

All of them can 'dish it out' but they have NO STOMACH WHATSOEVER in either defending themselves or in defending Christ's Teachings when it comes to 'taking it'.
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