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Re: Kurt Cobain mind control

This on Manson victim Abigail Folger's father Peter Folger. (note that he was rich society lad who went to Yale and then became a marines major/army intelligence officer ACIO (Associate Chief Information Officer) after Yale. (is there any doubt that he was Skull n' Bones?)

Peter Folger

Born and raised in California, Folger studied business and graduated from Yale University where he was an athlete on their football, track and field, and polo teams. Peter Folger later served in World War II as a Marine Major.


In 1963, after having helped to build the family firm into the third largest coffee wholesaler in the United States, Folger sold the company to Procter & Gamble for 1,650,000 shares of P&G common stock. However, he and the Folger family continued to operate Folgers as a P&G subsidiary.

Personal life

He married twice in his life. The first being to Ines Mejia, the daughter of the consul general for El Salvador and member of a prestigious California land grant family. They went on to have two children, Abigail, born in 1943 and Peter, Jr, born in 1945. Ines filed for divorce which was granted in 1952. They shared joint custody of their two children.
On June 30, 1960, Peter married his then 24-year-old secretary Beverly Mater. They had one daughter together, Elizabeth, in January 1961. Peter and Beverly lived with their daughter at the Folger mansion located in Woodside, California until 1974 when they moved to a newly built home on Roberta Drive. The murder of his eldest daughter, Abigail, in 1969, was said to have dimmed Peter's desire to continue living at the Woodside estate, where she grew up. Folger Estate For Sale
After Abigail died, Peter conducted his own investigation into her death and spent the rest of his life protecting her from being the subject of salacious gossip, threatening legal action against anyone who tried to use her name in damning articles or books about the Tate-LaBianca murders. As a result, very little information is available about her.
Note that Peter Folger spent a large amount of money suppressing any information which might emerge on who he and his daughter really were.

Peter Folger was a marines major/army intelligence officer (Associate Chief Information Officer) with the famous Black Sheep marine fighting squadron 214 stationed out of Hawaii in WW2:


VMF-214 Roster of Pilots and Essential Ground Officers, p. 425-428

Folger, Peter (Intelligence) Ewa, 1st Solomons tour
It starts to get interesting when you take into account that the fathers of both Abigail Folger and Sharon Tate were U.S. Army Intelligence officers during WW2.
Colonel Paul James Tate was assistant chief of staff for intelligence at the Sixth Region Army Air Defense Command at Fort Baker when Sharon Tate purportedly died.

Consider also that Jay Sebring was in the navy during the Korean War and a personal friend of Peter Folger's (and no doubt either U.S Army Intelligence during Korea or went on to a career with the CIA afterward as apparently Peter Folger and Colonel Paul James Tate did after WW2). Peter Folger's father was massively wealthy coffee magnate J.A. Folger II. (consider how much money these upper echelon war commanders and majors and colonels probably secretly earn for their 'service'. They are probably the ultimate mercenary soldiers. No one ever discusses the money involved to get a billion-heir out there organizing things during war time)

So the fathers of the two purportedly murdered women were high level intelligence agents during war time (Vietnam). It's a good bet that their daughters were 'IN' the same circles as their fathers (aka intelligence assets themselves. These people do not fuck around, they are going to keep a tight leash on their kids) Manson was surrounded by intelligence agents himself (Ken Kesey, Hank Harrison, the whole Spahn Ranch/Hells Angels/Pranksters/Laurel Canyon milieu etc. which Manson was immersed in)

Throw into the mix of the Tate murders an actress (Sharon Tate)and a couple of film makers versed in special effects/horror makeup etc. (polish film makers Roman Polanski and Voytek Frykowski) and you've got all the makings of either a staged hoax, or a couple of young military intelligence ladies in Tate and Folger who could not keep their mouths shut (I doubt it).

Meanwhile, RAdm. Ketcham decided to hurry things along by landing a plane at Matsuyama. At 1010 on the 5th, a Block Island "Avenger" set down on the airstrip carrying Major Peter Folger who demanded that the Japanese airfield commander take him to the POW camps at once to determine the most urgent needs. That information quickly found its way back to the ship via one of the covering "Hellcats," and soon planes loaded with medicine and food began touching down at Matsuyama. In all, 9,000 pounds of relief supplies flown ashore from Block Island and Santee were rushed to the three camps where the POWs had congregated. Among the more than 1,000 men gathered were survivors of Singapore and Bataan -- malnourished, mistreated men who tottered proudly past sullen guards to the trucks that took them to the train commandeered by Col. Cooley. Thomas J. Gary and Kretchmer then took the men to the carriers. On board Block Island, more than 600 cots, clean sheets and pillows, clothing and a personal toilet kit stood ready for each former prisoner. The hangar deck became a hospital with ranks of cots from bow to stern.

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