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Re: Lady DIANA SPENCER, A Limo And An Underpass: What Happened?

So K-9 is a secret code. It means Canine=Dogstar=Sirius=Isis, and it also means 11-9.

This is a timecode, and as we saw in the previous post, a subtle signal can be sent by simply setting the hands of a clock or a watch to the 11 and 9 positions.

Another way to express the K-9 code as a timecode is as a date.

Depending on whether you use the American or European convention, 11-9 can read either as November 9 or September 11.

I'm going so far as to suggest that the very reason for the choice of September 11 as the date for the "9/11|"(!) event, is because of this simple secret Sirius timecode.

Again, with this crazy thought in mind, some insane things suddenly make excellent sense.

For example, remember this fact?

The Pentagon was designed by American architect George Bergstrom (1876–1955), and built by general contractor John McShain of Philadelphia. Ground was broken for construction on September 11, 1941,

On September 11, 2001, exactly sixty years after the building's groundbreaking, American Airlines Flight 77 was hijacked and flown into the Western side of the building, killing 189 people.
The Pentagon, as you will also recall, is constructed in the shape of a five-pointed star.

But this is one of the symbols for Sirius! The hieroglyph for Sirius comprised a star, a triangle and a half-circle:

Sirius was associated with the goddess Sopdet, who was yet another variant on the Goddess-of-Ten-Thousand-Names, Isis. And the glyph of Sopdet features the five-pointed star above her head.

In Egyptian mythology, Sopdet was the deification of Sothis, a star considered by almost all Egyptologists to be Sirius. The name Sopdet means (she who is) sharp in Egyptian, a reference to the brightness of Sirius, which is the brightest star in the night sky. In art she is depicted as a woman with a five-pointed star upon her head.[1]

Sopdet is the consort of Sah, the constellation of Orion, near which Sirius appears, and the god Sopdu was said to be their child. These relationships parallel those of the god Osiris and his family, and Sah was linked with Osiris, Sopdet with Isis, and Sopdu with Horus.[1]
It was in Morals & Dogma that Pike made the association between the Masonic five pointed Blazing Star and the Egyptian star of Isis, Sirius, which is also sometimes depicted as a five-pointed star.
From Talisman by Bauval and Hancock
So back to the Pentagon, the world's most famous building in the shape of a five-pointed star. The groundbreaking ceremony was held on September 11 1941, sixty years to the day before the 9/11 attacks. September 11 = 11/9 (European style) = K-9 = canine/Dogstar/Sirius/Isis.

But what about that other date, November 9? In American, this is written as 11/9.

November 9 is a fascinating date which has come up in several discussions here at LetsRoll. It was the day of the Great North-east Blackout, in 1965, which is extremely significant for the 9/11 story. It was also the day in 1967 when Paul MacCartney was said to have "died", in the Paul-Is-Dead mythology. Both events have been extremely well discussed at LetsRoll, and the keyword is Media Fakery.

But there is an even more relevant and important event that took place on November 9, 1985, which on its own conclusively proves that the narrative we are unfolding here resonates with very deep truths.

November 9 1985 was the day that Princess Diana and Price Charles arrived in Washington D.C, for their first ever tour of the USA.

It was the day that they brought Princess Diana to America.

That night, at the White House, there was a reception, at which these extraordinary photographs were taken.

The entire story is contained in these photographs. The chequerboard floor represents the ritual alignments in the city layouts. Princess Diana, at her flawless dazzling best, represents Isis. John Travolta represents New York. The two pillars are present in the background.

These photos are a perfect symbolic representation of the twin rituals, which are really one single ritual, the Diana event and 9/11.

It was taken on November 9, or 11/9, or 9/11. It shows Princess Diana, the ritual sacrificial victim of the first ritual, on her first day in the country of the second ritual. She is dancing with man who more than anyone else in those days embodied the archetype of New York City, John Travolta. "Dancing" represents the performance of the ritual.

You might say there is going to be "Blood on the Dance Floor".

Michael Jackson's album was released May 20, 1997, just over 100 days before the Diana event of August 31 1997. This album cover is a blatant revelation of the hidden method. Jackson has made his own version of the iconic Diana-Travolta photograph. It's all there. The chequerboard floor, check. New York skyline in the background, obscured by the dust clouds of the collapse of the Twin Towers. Michael dancing, and with his arms in the familiar 11-9 pattern.

All of these things have been much commented on around the internet, but up until now, the exact decoding has been elusive. But now we know. This is the girl. It's all about Isis. It's all about Sirius/Dostar/Canine/K-9/11-9/9-11.

Michael Jackson is up to his ears in this one, and again, for those who are new to this thread, it might seem like we have exceeded ourselves in insanity, but it's all here, here, here and here. His daughter is named Paris. He was very likely staying only 300 metres away from the crash site when the accident happened in the tunnel. He phoned his promoter to cancel that evening's concert, saying he was in mourning, at 4am which was the time when the doctors pronounced Diana dead, and nearly two hours before it was announced to the world. His album release dates co-incide frequently with the hot dates of this story, and his videos are full of unmistakable references to what we have uncovered here.

Let's round out this thread with an anecdote about the Carlyle Hotel, New York's preferred accomodation for the rich-and-famous.

(This story originally appeared in the April 20 issue of The Hollywood Reporter.)

It was a quick elevator ride that occurred more than a decade ago in the Carlyle Hotel, New York's old-world Art Deco bastion of elegance. During the mid-1990s, Dan Camp, then-president of the Upper East Side property, found himself in an elevator one evening with Princess Diana, a regular at the Carlyle. But things turned surreal when two other regulars boarded the lift: Steve Jobs and Michael Jackson. The three exchanged courtesies, and when the white-gloved elevator operator deposited the lift onto the ground floor, the riders went their separate ways. "This was the last thing in the world you would ever expect to happen," says Camp, "but these kinds of things happened with some degree of regularity."
Princess Diana, Michael Jackson, and Steve Jobs= CEO of Apple= "Big Apple"=New York

Wonder what time it was?
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