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    9/11 Paper Phenomenon

    Hey Steve, why did you not post the Link to your website? haha, I have seen all your videos (+ read all comments) and studied all your content before, thank you for providing quality content and beeing "honest" ;). Nice illustration, it was exactly what it...
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    Dust and paper pouring out of a WTC wall column.

    To me it looks more like he got tossed out by someone from the inside. His legs are completly in the air but he only starts falling after that. All these videos could be prestaged and come from one and the same studio, which is so far the best explanation I came across.
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    9/11 Paper Phenomenon

    Thank you, one more clip for the collection. Yeah they throw out a ream of paper and then it diffuses in the air. Do you think these video clips were prerecorded, meaning they are staged? So all of these happened on 9/11 only in television but not in reality, as claimed by...
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    My contribution to LoopDLoop's (and Robert Wagner's) analysis of the Claircom/GTE Airfone records.

    Hi David, I enjoyed reading your posts. And I am very happy that you have archived loopDloops findings. If you want to be more active I would appreciate your thoughts about what happened to Betty Ong (or answer me here in your own thread)...
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    What happened to the passengers?

    North tower might have been hit by a little drone airplane. We don't know, but the south tower was definitly hit by something looking like a plane. Can you elaborate a bit on what has hit the south tower? So what happened to Betty Ong? Her family seems to miss her, was she duped into a drill...
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    9/11 Paper Phenomenon

    I think the insertion of papers is preprogrammed, same as with the jumpers and their position. It's designed to look randomly, but it isn't. Here is another example:
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    9/11 Paper Phenomenon

    After Northtower was hit a big chunk of papers were released from the south tower. Is there any reason or explanation to this phenomenon? Was it some kind of mechanical ejection mechanism on the outside of the side face of the south tower that released plenty of paper batches all at once...
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    What happened to the passengers? Can someone pick me up on what happened to the passengers? I read a lot of theories in the old forums, after all these years what are the final conclusions?
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    9/11 EXIF Data

    I have to agree to your conclusion, I did more research now. And great idea from you to put the rest of the photos, please do that. Then we can compare the groups of similar dates. In another thread the Admin had it explained perfectly: "The picture being taken day, from our understanding is...
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    9/11 EXIF Data

    Someone had modified the exif data, including the "Date Created" field, probably with a batch job. That's why some of the pics contain the same dates. They were processed in bulk via batchjob, fields like the IPTC "Caption Abstract" field were then filled manually. So what is your conclusion...