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    Ivermectin Study Continues To Show Promising Results

    The virus Sars-Covid-2 does not exist. Which makes me wonder about Ivermectin. Personally, I would not take it. My gut feeling is telling me something is wrong here.
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    Monkeypox from the Covid Vaccine

    Here is the link to Mike Stone webiste.
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    Monkeypox from the Covid Vaccine

    Monkeypox IS smallpox. Way back then, the government declared 100% eradication of the smallpox virus. All thanks to the vaccine. People today believe the vaccine took care of the smallpox. A problem occurred, when the smallpox started to show again. Ooops. The government solution was to...
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    Dust and paper pouring out of a WTC wall column.

    I took some screen shots of the "Falling man" on YT back in 2016. From my recollection. There were 3 different video angles to infamous "Falling man" Computers and software were not that great back around 9-11. The falling man should be called. The digital man.
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    Ukraine on Fire and the many false flags

    If you want to see the "Russia" side of things and make your own decisions. RT is found on Rumble and Odysee. is completely blocked for me and so is RT on Telegram. DuckduckGo decided to take the pro-google censor route. Time to find another.
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    Ukraine on Fire and the many false flags

    Holy Cow! I had no idea what was going on over there. MSM blames Russia, when all along, it was the USA. Ukraine on Fire Mr Stone also did a 4 hour interview with Putin. Very good imo. You can find it on Gab TV...
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    Vaxxed doctors dropping like flies

    You guys will like this one. Deb Knight was in NY on 9/11. Deb Knight "absent from air for three days, returns with shingles two months after booster injection"...
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    Mercola believes SARS-CoV-2 exists

    Why are ALL pathogenic viruses not real. Tom Cowan shows the same methods they used for Sars-Cov-2 is the same fraudulent scientific method they used for measles back in the 1950's. This is where it all began.
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    Mercola believes SARS-CoV-2 exists

    @gl69m The reason why I preface virus with the word pathogen, is because there are viruses that are harmless. Take for instance GIANT viruses. If I were to say "Viruses don't exist", the mentally retarded would point to Giant Viruses. The disease type of viruses do not exist. From...
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    Mercola believes SARS-CoV-2 exists

    Pathogenetic Viruses do not exist. Part I of Andrew Kaufman rebuttal of Dr. Mercola. Every time Andrew does a video refuting the notion of isolation or viruses exist he get better at it. This latest video he uses their own sources, and their own...
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    Mercola believes SARS-CoV-2 exists

    Mercola got lost in all those mumbo-jumbo talk. He "believes" it was isolated. Virologists redefined the word "isolated" so it does not mean what you think it means. So now we have to ask, was it isolated AND PURIFIED? To this answer no. A belief system is not really scientific. It really...
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    Where's Gavin Newsom? Bells Palsy from Vaccine

    This booster is in the early stages of testing. No way did any dictator take it.
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    Forum Questions, Issues, Bugs and Suggestions

    Happened to me. I commented on the jabber at the AstroDome Phil must have went to backup, because my post is no longer there.
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    Astroworld Concert Hoax 11/7/21

    First time I heard of AstroWorld ( must be the place of the AstroDome?) the reports were a crazy man jabbing multiple people. Which does not make sense. I can't see that happening at a concert.