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  1. TheTruthIsSweet

    Erie County Health Department

    I took down the email for now. I have been getting trolled on FB and YT after I put that up. In time I will repost it. Have not received a reply to our reply to Dr Nadworny. It's been quite awhile with no reply.
  2. TheTruthIsSweet

    Astroworld Concert Hoax 11/7/21

    I think you will like what a group of us did this morning confronting a crisis actor. I will put the back and forth together soon. A lot of screen shots to post of FB back and forth.
  3. TheTruthIsSweet

    9/11 EXIF Data

    I was always fascinated by this research. I decided to let others on FB know about this on recent 9/11. The Bingham pic is original. I used this EXIF link in next, which is different than the EXIF used on previous version of LRF. Notice Date Created. This backs up the Last Picture Day Taken on...