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  1. gl69m

    Dave McGowan, Peak Oil and depopulation

    Would like to re-create this thread also, another hoax and huge lie they have sold to the world, 'Peak Oil' and 'fossil fuels'. You will notice after reading some of this material in the original thread that 'Peak Oil' was sold to the masses as a back-handed justification for de-population or...
  2. gl69m

    AI and Trans-humanism, which one (or both) is a graver threat to humanity?

    Been wanting to recreate this thread and expand just haven't gotten around to it till now. I believe that some faction(s) of transhumanist elites are most likely behind the whole 'covid'/agenda 20/30/50 insanity. I started this thread well over 3 years ago (1/29/2018), and there's no doubt we...
  3. gl69m

    Are the COVID-19 Test Kits Designed to Produce False Positives (Plandemic)?

    Want to recreate the original thread, posted well over a year ago (started in April 2020 by the original forum member Cabaltimes), and this will take a little while to get all the original posts in, and I plan on continually adding to the thread of course but all in due time lol! Post #1...
  4. gl69m

    COVID-19: Facts and Questions

    Want to recreate this thread from the original LRF from 2020, and I had most of the posts archived on a word file but not all of them, I can get some of them from the Way Back Machine, here is the first few posts: Post #1 (from firetown) Shame he never followed up on this really good question...
  5. gl69m

    Smoking guns that prove 'COVID-19' is a planned psyop and simulated pandemic

    Wanted to recreate some of the threads we had going on the forum before the hack occurred; I realize this has nothing to do with 9/11, although 'Covid-19' has been referred to as 9/11 2.0. If at some point perhaps this thread can be moved to a different sub forum folder if appropriate. The way...