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    better quality people trapped in towers, glitches, different window size

    @10:40 clearer staged footage of the tower burning with people hanging out the windows, i seen there is a glitch of some sort just above the blue shirt guy, (some one with a white shirt?). i notice they only show the top and not the full tower. Mustve been a stage prop pre-recorded because of...
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    New video: What cut the plane shaped hole, take 2

    now that is definitely a possibility^^, or unless the footage is doctored with fake plane sound? But as for the topic here, this also is a possibility
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    New video: What cut the plane shaped hole, take 2

    yes, the bluebeam might have been used to project imagery, as some witnesses who werent planted claim to have saw a plane but theres more than enough evidence proving it wasnt a real one. Another thing that still needs to be addressed is the sound of jet engines and how they faked that. And yes...
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    Mandalay LV Shooting Hoax

    from reused actors, staged photos, pre planned drill in the days prior and of course, the freemasonic number 58 and 33.
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    Mandalay LV Shooting Hoax
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    Cluesforum exposed. 9/11 falling man talk. what made the plane shaped holes?

    no such plane exists, and flight records show 11 and 175 never took off from the airport. footage has leaked showing no planes along with street level witnesses boasting of an exploding tower, specifically claiming no plane. Your claim holds no water
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    New video: What cut the plane shaped hole, take 2

    the whole idea of using such would be to fool the witnesses on the ground into thinking they saw a plane, that has still yet to be proven or shown of how the perps pulled this off. one fact remains no real commercial airliners were used on 9/11 in any of the cities
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    New video: What cut the plane shaped hole, take 2

    NO, all those videos use a CGI inserted plane, and have since been debunked
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    Oklahoma City Bombing: All the Evidence Point to the U.S. Federal Government

    ive covered this hoax, Mcvay real name is Paul Wysopal and he is related to Koresh/Howell, Waco and OKc are hoaxes designed to sparka lust for veangeance against the tyrannical govt, mainly targeting white supremacist organizations
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    The CIA’s Worst-Kept Secret: Newly Declassified Files Confirm United States Collaboration with Nazis

    Great read! although I find nothing surprising here, as Hitler was just a puppet in 2nd WW psy op, he is related to the very jews who plotted out the whole scheme to begin with
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    What happened to the passengers?

    first and foremost, this has been covered before this site went down. A majority of these passengers were proven to have never existed or relatives to celebs in the industry...
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    In 2020, the Rockefeller Foundation “predicted” the global food and energy crisis that is now unfolding

    Yes indeed there is no coincidences or predictions, just premeditated planning of events to come (psy-ops to carry out)
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    Richard Snell Hoax (Prequel to Waco and OKC bombing)

    Seems they were really trying to build up a (fake) rep for these (fake) neo groups only to turn around and appear to respond more violently in more staged events. Much order out of chaos...... Richard Wayne Snell (May 21st, 1930 – April 19...
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    Oklahoma City Federal Building '95/Tim McVeigh Psy-op

    I wish I had I knew the answer to that. Im guessing Phil hasnt mentioned anything
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    Oklahoma City Federal Building '95/Tim McVeigh Psy-op

    Plus the Murrah building was similar to the twins on 9-11: an old eyesore, most likley not up to code and bet if we dig deep enough there was an insurance policy on it too
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    Oklahoma City Federal Building '95/Tim McVeigh Psy-op

    Thank you. Welcome toit also. Ive been on here since 2015 under a different username until the forum went under a year ago. Lost al lmy posts :( as well as most of us. 9-11 drew me here but i have since looked into every other hoax/psy op before it and have noticed a pattern. With that being...
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    Oklahoma City Federal Building '95/Tim McVeigh Psy-op

    Are we really supposed to believe that agent Paul Wysopal is his own person? :LOL: The similarities are on point. Of course his (fake) backstory is he started workin' for the feds in '97, only 2 years after the OKC stunt. Tim Mcveigh's storyline is the typical, ex military then turned plant...
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    Waco Siege '93 Hoax

    yea many different witnesses said that and of the course the govt would justify its actions by any means, but the reality is he wasn't even there. neither were the rest of the "victims" who supposedly perished.