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9/11 Actress? Rachel Uchitel - Former Girlfriend of Tiger Woods

Osmosis1 wrote:

Also, at 37:55 into the video YouTube- 9/11 The Falling Man appears one of Tiger Woods' whore girlfriends, dont remember her name but she got lots of publicity a few months ago. She is crying/acting but not a tear in her eye!

Edit; I replaced the defunct video with another video and the time stamping seems to be the same, Rachel starts at 37:55. It should begin there for you. 1/7/24

Phil wrote:
Hey Osmosis,

You mean Rachel Uchitel? And welcome to the forums! you think this is the chick thats on at 37:55? I am going to have to study this one.




Rachel Uchitel Searching for Her Fiance Andy O'Grady After 9/11


Andy O'Grady -- Not in SSDI or Victims Compensation Fund

Andy O'Grady is not in the Social Security Death Index (SSDI) or in the Victims Compensation Fund.

Supposedly he worked for Sandler O'Neill investment firm, which seems to have a number of victims with pre-prepared biographies like David H. Rice.

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Phil Jayhan

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Here is a video of the story Richard Drew gave regarding the falling man. He also took many of the iconic photographs of 9/11 and captured many jumpers. One of the pictures he took, which is still hosted on the LA Times server is the one I use showing there was a piping delivery system belching out small puffy streams of fake smoke. So, if the jumpers are staged, what does this tell us about Richard Drew and his magic camera?

phil ;)



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Rachel Uchitel's story sure caught attention, didn't it? It's fascinating how people's lives intersect in unexpected ways. Speaking of intriguing stories, reminds me of the mother of Sheldon Cooper from "The Big Bang Theory." You never know what connections might surface in the world of entertainment, haha.
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