Bidenvilles 2023 - 2024 | Obama was right! Joe Biden Fucks up everything he Touches

Phil Jayhan

Staff member
Joe Biden Fucks up every single thing he touches. Obama was right about Joe 100%. Joe Biden is a sleazy, lying, bribe taking, corrupt, power hungry fucking piece of shit in a suit. He has brought to ruin every single damn city in this country with his policies. which started with DEFUNDING the POLICE. Now he has invited every criminal, sleazy, law breaking indigent penniless slob to our nation ON OUR DIME! While he blames everyone else! Please feel free to share! Tweet it, Twit it, spread the news! Make the name Bidenville stick! It certainly is a badge he richly deserves! My apologies but sometimes it is impossible to describe the utterly profane without profanity.