Colonoscopy, I've Never Done One


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Now at almost 84, there is no way anyway, I believe I've heard the medical industry stops their PUSH for them at 80 or so...Maybe some one
,knows this.

Just hearing on NPR segment that many women are being left with $1000's from these procedures which are supposed to be NO CHARGE. Check this out too.
If the industry can get away with making more $$$$, they will do it and put so much fear in people.

I count on my taking Grape Seed Extract as long as I have to keep my colon healthy.

Here is another informative link on colon health.

Now my parent's generation did not do these tests, they were not around. They all lived long lives without colonoscopies.

Now my daughter who is 58 soon was pushed in early 40's to do these, she was married and went along with the program.... she had stomach issues and we both now that it was stress from the marriage, and she even had stomach surgery ....

What we don't know about what is going on with our bodies.

This s not to advise anyone, but how I've done my life and these tests.......So many tests and you can be sure "they"
will find something to work on.


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I had a friend one time who had one and they didnt put her to sleep and man did she scream she said when they put it in....... Aweful!