Does Ukraine even need another big offensive in 2024?


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Does Ukraine even need another big offensive in 2024?​

I'm sure a ton of you have been following the Biden war in Ukraine. I have a ton of questions about this war, as I'm sure most of you have. Have any of you wondered about why Republicans have given Biden a blank check for the Ukraine war while at the same time being guilty of bribery from Ukraine through U.S. aid in the past? My first question of course would be is how much of this cash the Biden administration is shoveling into Ukraine is getting rerouted back into the Big Guys personal bank account? And why are the Republicans so trusting of an administration which they themselves say is totally and completely corrupt? Ya, good luck on finding those answers. So let me propose this as a possible answer; Because there are a ton of Republicans that are on the private Biden payroll. That's my take. That's what I observe as the most likely and the easiest solution or answer to those questions. But then why the silence of the so called "conservative" news stations like Fox News? You mean the same Fox News that helped bring us the hoax of 9/11? The same Fox news network that ran with the US administration of Bush Jr's narrative of 19 hijackers impossibly and simultaneously hijacking 4 U.S. aircraft and bringing us the fruit of 9/11? Ya, I know, it almost sounds comical when I say it out loud, right? This video is from Binkhov, a group of x-soldiers living somewhere secretly in Croatia. But I think they do a fairly decent job doing what they do. I of course have to spit out the sticks, but most of what they say is easy on the digestion. Anyway, I wanted to have this discussion for the longest time and it really wasn't Facebook type stuff. The Fuckerburg crowd seems to have a nasty disposition to truth of any kind, to say the least. Sometimes I wonder if the war is even real or just another way to rip of hundreds of billions of dollars from American taxpayers.

Is this a real war? Or is it just a "rumor of war?"

Phil ;)