Don't Fear the Coming Lockdowns... The Cabal is already Dead

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It s getting very scary!!

I saw what Biden said "Vaccines that work" in other words.kills the person quickly!!
What we have to remember Dude is they want us scared shitless, the cabal/elites thrive on it. Yes the jabs are doing what the agenda was programmed to do to de-populate humanity, but those of us that are AWAKE to the Bidan's and the so called actor's, politicians to the masses that are still sleeping it is ALL a show. US awakened ones, WE need to up our collective energy and rise above them and it then gives these parasites NO CONTROL/ENERGY over the awakened ones Remember these people are Physic vampires .

I am going to tell you something here Dude. When we went into the first Lockdown, I was fortunate and privileged to be able to go out to work daily doing my current job, I was driving to work basically being the only sole person on the road, I remember thinking to myself on how surreal this shit was and I could have lost my mind to the sheer apocalypse scene daily, as I was driving thinking this shit is just unreal my Reiki guides told me these words " DO NOT FEAR " I believe they saw this was not in my best interest to be living in a state of irrational FEAR. You Know something? They have served me well in the tune of not backing down taking a poison when I was threatened with loosing my job for not wanting to take a poisonous juice that could have potentially harmed me or even killed me. On a different note I was forced to leave my current job within the company because I would not back down and follow so called GOV guidance, but I was still able to do my current care job it in a different care setting. The Divine & Universe blessed me as I believe because I stood my ground and I am always grateful for my guides intervention. Always have faith in yourself and never doubt yourself or your instincts they will serve you well & you will be rewarded.

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A nice reply buddy thank you!!

I would love to email Dr David Martin,do ya know his email addy buddy?
Hi Dude, sorry I don't have an e-mail address for Dr Martin, but he did say at the end of the video you can find him on David Martin. world and he is also on twitter, and fully live. world, fully, maybe worth checking out them links. I hope this helps ;)


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[OC] Cabal Theory: What is the Structure of the Cabal?

Hello friends :) This is a living thesis and all input/criticism is welcome. I am trying to bring a little clarity to the oft-asked question, who are “The Powers That Be”? Not identifying specific actors, but in determining a structure that allows us to properly interpret events.
On the various conspiracy related communities across reddit we use the term “Cabal” a lot. The definition of Cabal is:
“the contrived schemes of a group of persons secretly united in a plot (as to overturn a government); also : a group engaged in such schemes”
Which represents what a lot of us understand as the grand conspiracy we face, a cabal of individuals secretly united in a plot. Specifically, a psychopathic plot of mind control, financial control, population control and more.
We can presume a few things about the cabal:
  • It is powerful and vast. As a student of history I can see pretty clearly how the hidden hand has manipulated global events, wars, financial crises, spanning over the rise and fall of empires. We can assume the direct control of most major global power wielding institutions and infiltration of the rest. This should be accepted in mainstream circles thanks to late Georgetown professor Carrol Quigley in Tragedy and Hope, but propaganda is easier to consume than a 1,200 page book.
  • It has a pyramid structure hierarchy. The All Seeing Eye at the top of the pyramid is one of their most important symbols after all. Lower levels will have a much more compartmentalized understanding of their role.
  • It is not just political or financial, but occult. This is evidenced by the huge use of symbolism and by the revealed by the satanic ritual abuse networks during what the cabal-owned media referred to as the “Satanic Panic”. Read:
    [ORIGINAL RESEARCH] The Mountain of Evidence for a Massive International Pedophile Ring Protected by Police and Intelligence Agencies
Knowing all of this, in the context of modern political events, my first question is, is the cabal monolithic, or are there competing factions? This is an exceptionally important question because it determines how “real” vs. “staged” global conflicts are.
It seems to me that the winning theory on r/conspiracy (minus shills/skeptics) is the former. The idea that the control structures and successions are homogeneous in goals and source. I base this observation on seeing the general sentiment that the idea Trump will indict political enemies as implausible or outrageous, on the basis that they are all friends behind the scenes.
This also implies that the CIA, NSA, Military Intelligence, Mossad etc. are always working in unison and perhaps receiving directives from the same source.
The competing theory is that the there is NOT monolithic control of our society, which can be divided into two possibilities.
Theory 2A is that there is a cabal of white hats in addition to a cabal of black hats. This theory usually manifests as considering Donald Trump and Military Intelligence on the team of white hats who are currently in a power struggle with the cabal to free humanity from their grasp.
The alternative, 2B, postulates that there are indeed multiple deep state/cabal factions. This would pit Trump, his business buddies, and military intelligence as a competing power hierarchy to the cabal represented by Bush/Clinton families. This is different from 2A because we are talking about two teams of black hats, i.e. psychopaths.
I personally subscribe to 2B. I think “The Storm” really is coming. This refers to the alleged incoming mass arrests of bad actors by Team Trump. It implies that people like Hillary Clinton, John Podesta, Donald Trump and Jeff Sessions are engaged in a real behind the scenes civil war for control of the US government, and both sides are spending considerable money, time and effort to ensure that events unfold in their favor. The friction between these antagonistic efforts will sometimes be visible to the public, especially when they can be weaved into a narrative that supports a given side.
That being said, I think that all of these theories just represent the lowest tier of the cabal, and they are all puppets to higher tiers. All of the major names of conspirators we know are all in the bottom rung. This goes for most individuals, organizations, and companies with a public front. Higher tiers keep their names, operations and assets occulted from the public.
My current understanding is that these higher tiers of the cabal have infiltrated the competing lower tiers and are playing them against each other to advance an agenda. These ongoing power struggles will advance us to the next level of the “psychopathic plot” mentioned earlier. This is evidenced by how intense and radical the bases of both globalist and nationalist deep state structures are becoming. There is explosive potential energy being stored all across the globe and it wont take too crazy of a series of events to set them off (likely on purpose, by the cabal).
I don’t subscribe to Theory 1 because I think that evil can’t ever be uniform. There will always be power struggles and backstabbings. This is why LOVE will win in the end, it is universal, infinite and decentralized.
I don’t subscribe to Theory 2A because the values of Trump, Q anon, and Conservatism don’t resonate with me. I see the next revolution of humanity as dismantling all power structures, not “cleaning” them for future use.
Moving towards a more holistic analysis of the cabal, how do these aforementioned sections fit into the big picture?
I argue that all the major institutions, banks, governments, intelligence agencies, corporations, individuals etc. form the leadership of the lower level of the cabal. Below them are the local members. Broward Country is an example of how a place can be infiltrated by the cabal on a local government, police, and representative level (Debbie Wasserman Schulz). This infiltration is why Broward County is the location of some major events. Tucson is another case study of cabal control from local gangs to local government and organizations to state representatives all being in the cabal working to conceal black market trafficking.
People on this level do not understand the big picture of their own actions, instead they are consumed by hate, greed and lust for power. They participate in occult (usually satanic) rituals but only have a small mastery of occult principals themselves.
Above them, lets loosely define a middle tier. Here in this middle tier are people who stay out of the public spotlight (maybe a few public players are in this tier). Many think tanks and councils exist to disseminate the goals from this middle tier to the lower tier. They all practice black magic to expand control, maintain their status, and keep us asleep. They understand the big picture of the spiritual awakening of humanity and their role in providing catalyst (in a negative form) for this to happen. Their wealth comes not from money but the ownership of debt through central banking. More knowledge of the big picture but still with some compartmentalization of information.
And the last tier, the top, the All Seeing Eye. These are the people who exist in a runaway civilization occulted from the world. They are born into a completely different occult society and likely think in advanced symbols instead of our simple "letter=sound, combine for meaning" language symbols. They create and imbue the symbolism that the cabal uses to influence our subconsciousness, the kind you see on Vigilant Citizen and used by orgs involved with child trafficking (think pedo symbols). Possibly a hive mind or different DNA. The theory of reptilians would fulfill this tier, though I am more partial to reptilian being a reflection of their energetic state and not their physical state/origin.
This cabal has been in control at least since the Ancient Egyptian mystery schools and has provided the temptation for humanity to be evil throughout history. Most major events/crises are engineered by this cabal. I didn’t get too into the “local level” influence of the cabal but they do exist in small cities and towns across the globe. It also resonates with me that there is an intradimensional demiurge controlling the pyramid, the very point at the top, maybe symbolically representing the density of evil.
The cabal grows two ways. The first is through bloodlines. Medium and High Level members always have their children inducted at a young age through torture rituals. Dr. Corydon Hammond revealed how different types of programming can be instilled through trauma based mind control. Presumably, family members receive much different programming than Monarch victims.
The second is through recruitment. Psychopaths exist as 1-4% of the population and they can recognize each other. Many recruitments occur in exoteric occult organizations (seems like an oxymoron but this adequately describes the lower level of freemasonry). People who want power are drawn to these organizations. At some point in the advancement, the member is offered to explore black magic. If they say yes, they are brought in. If they say no, then the next day a lodge leader says, hey you passed the test, congratulations. But then they find their advancement slows down or stops all together.
All right this about sums up my thoughts as of now. What do you think?