Follow the SCIENCE? WHO goes full-blown “woke,” now claims gender isn’t limited to just male and female


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A few years back, the World Health Organization (WHO) released a “training” guide about gender that helped pave the way for the current phenomenon of rampant transgenderism.

Defying all logic and basic biology, the guide suggested that the concept of gender is something entirely different from biological sex, which includes just male and female.

The WHO’s “user-friendly guide,” which was first published in 2011, claims that people around the world need to develop “skills on gender analysis and gender responsive planning in health sector activities” in order to cater to people who self-identify as something other than male or female.

“The Manual is conceptually structured to move from awareness to action throughout a three to four day workshop to reduce gender-based inequities in health,” an overview of the document explains.

Among the concepts addressed in the training guide are a Gender Analysis Matrix (GAM), Gender Analysis Questions (GAQ), a Gender Responsive Assessment Scale (GRAS), a Gender Assessment Tool (GST), and of course a Gender and health planning and programming checklist.

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