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Phil Jayhan

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I don't have a lot of time for this first post unfortunately. So welcome! Glad to see you here and still lurking and waiting. I will create the structure of the forums in the next few days as time permits. Thank you all for all your help getting the new forum back up. So take a stroll through the new forum. Soon enough their branding will be gone. etc...

Also let me know of any issues with registration or anything other issues. My own registration ended up in spam and I had to click on a link from the email sent to spam to sign on and be able to post.

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Phil :)


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Phil Jayhan

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I tried to start the process of importing threads from the web archive, and couldn't because post limit length was too short and spent an hour trying to increase it to no avail. So if someone has the time and patience to go to Xenforo forums and find out how to change post length that would be nice. I spend 30 minutes searching and looking for nought. Post it here if you find it.

phil :unsure:

Ruby Gray

A big thankyou to Phil for sticking with this and sorting it out. So glad to see the forum up again, and familiar names back already. We have sorely missed LRF! The new site looks great. Brilliant that videos are easy to load. I look forward to test driving all the functions.