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I could not jump through their new, third-party security system hoops
Griff can you give more details on this system ? As most know what is in the US comes to Europe too.

Also it is a pity you live not near to me I could easily assemble a PC for you from all the parts I still have lying around. I was electronic / PC freak for quite a while also had a small business up to 3 years ago when I needed to give it up (Pc repair, software installing, network etc.).. I am using now an old PC build from parts around 2011/2012 and guess what it still works for most things I need. I am also on this PC still on Win7 (I have also 10 but do not use atm.). All this BS you need the newest stuff is mostly crap when you know how to optimize the machine and do NOT want to do the newest 3D games or CAD or watch super high res videos.

Here a hint, the newer the hard/software is the higher is the possibilty to spy on you, as the devices got much smaller and more effective over the years. YES this benefits the user, but also gives more opportunities for certain companies to get your data. I am not saying I am not spied on but not so easily like others with new PCs / Smartphones and who have F-book etc. If one is at YT for example they will record anything you do there anyways. And then mark you or shadow ban you (I am LOL)

@Phil Jayhan : This forum seems great, a good choice :) Is this free or does it cost?


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Thank you, and God's blessings upon those who have wished me well and sent positive thoughts/karma. My personal security has been compromised, and all indications point to the Government of North Carolina. I have removed all my personal details here in an effort to minimize future attacks/tracking of my actions, it has nothing to do with this site or any of it's participants, this is a personal attack upon me.

I had mentioned on the previous LRF, a situation that I could not discuss at the time due to a statute of limitations. That statute has ended, but I am still not able to release details due to current circumstances. I have tried over fifty times to get a copy of my court records to no avail because the State of North Carolina is afraid I will sue them for their railroading of my Family and I. They have acknowledged as much by their reticence to all my inquiries, including those times when we were in court and my records were present, but unavailable to me.

My only contact here will remain sparse and sporadic, and coming from public access, as I will never go on-line from my personal equipment ever again due to tracking.

Thank you to All who have offered their prayers and support. My sincere prayers, and the prayers of a network of thousands to to those who have wished me well, and to those suffering similar and other strife's in theirs and those close to them's lives.

Due to "Governmental Interference/Intentional Intent" I lost out on over $10,000 in unemployment benefits, and am doubting that my application for retirement will go through without a struggle if it goes through at all.

@alpha77: The third-party whose hoops I could not jump through is called "ID.Me":

In order for me to be able to collect my unemployment, it was required of me to provide a "selfie" via their "app"...after over 20 attempts in various locations, in multiple lighting situations, I could not provide an "appropriate/approved" selfie to them, and after 3 months of attempts, could get no support from them to rectify the issue, therefore I stopped trying and "lost out" on my unemployment compensation.

In retrospect, I will simply state that perhaps God was protecting me from having my facial bio-metrics added to the global network/watch list (though I will have to renew my driver's license eventually).

All in all, I'm not dead yet, and will not go down without a fight.

All my best and prayers to all of You here, and my hopes that such things would not happen to any others. God will watch over those who are true to Him and Truth, and we have nothing to fear, and His strength to defeat those who would try to destroy us.

All is *NOT* lost, and the fight for what is good and right will never succumb to the mortals who would try to silence us and/or do us harm. We must all fight in whatever capacity/ability we have. If we can delay their nefarious motives for even one second, we have delayed the destruction they would inflict upon others.

Keep fighting the good fight, and pray for one another. This is my only wish and desire.

God Bless You All, and all of Your efforts to fight the evils we face in this "lost" world!


James 5:16 Romans 8:31 Psalm23:4
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Phil, can you increase the limit on the size of a picture upload. Maybe to 1.5mg. I can't post many pics because of the current limit.


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Did anybody else besides Glen and me have a problem getting on forum last couple days? We got this message.... I figure it was a forum software problemScreenshot_2021-11-09-19-54-59.png