'Hollow Moon that rings like a bell put into orbit by ancient ALIENS', shock theory claims


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The favoured official scientific explanation is that the Moon broke off from the Earth's crust after it was struck by a massive Mars-sized object, and then remained in our orbit.

Many pseudo-scientists and conspiracy theorists have latched onto claims that the moon's existence and relationship with Earth defies physics, to brand it an artificially-created object.

They have taken the giant leap from this to claim aliens from billions of years ago created the structure and it may even be occupied inside, in a similar way to the infamous Death Star from the Star Wars movies.

The latest supporter of the conspiracy theory has devoted an entire article to the claims on his website.

UFO researcher JP Robinson says the fact that the moon "rings like a bell or gong when struck" means it must be hollow and artificially constructed, despite being coated in rock.

Mr Robinson wrote: "It appears that the moon itself shouldn’t actually be where it is, and all the data regarding the moon’s size and its distance from the sun and from the Earth, have confounded scientists and researchers alike."