Hollywood Special Effects & Fake Smoke @ the World Trade Center on 9/11

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Hollywood Special Effects & Fake Smoke @ the World Trade Center on 9/11

Who installed the Fake Smoke & Piping Delivery System at the World Trade Center before 9/11?
by Phil Jayhan & Larry McWilliams

The question here isn't "if" there was a fake smoke system employed at WTC on 9/11, but rather who it was that installed it, as the system itself is fully visible and in plain sight, is an acre long in space, and is belching out thick black smoke from the right side of each pipe, which are located between each window, on what we believe is the 94th floor on the North Tower.


This picture was shot by Richard Drew, an AP photographer; His picture is still being displayed here, at the LA times for those who doubt its authenticity. [See image here at the LA times] Also displayed below, hotlinked from the LA times server; The picture below is a higher resolution, 179k.



Please carefully examine the picture below, concentrating directly under the smoke/fire line. You will see there is a symetrical piping system which has been installed on the exterior of the east face of the North Tower, along the entire floor. You will also notice when enlarging it and or looking at it through a magnifying glass, that each pipe is belching out a thick black smoke. And that above this piping system are 6 foot tall propane firesticks or candlesticks, painted red, and hidden right behind each column, all along the entire 94th floor. Also please disregard and ignore the jumper and people in this picture, as I believe they were added to the picture as a distraction from this reconfiguration of the exterior facade at world trade center 1.

This picture above is cropped and sideways; And the one below the objects are obviously circled;




This is one of those types of discoveries which cuts to the bone real quick. Marsh McLennan USA was alleged to have been occupying these floors in the North Tower. Marsh USA occupied floors 92 or 93-100 we were told. (Some sources claim floors 92-100, while others claim 93-100) Did Marsh Mclennan USA install this fake smoke and piping delivery system on one of their floors? I ask this tongue in cheek, because from the diagram and pictures below you will see that Marsh Mclennan USA was never an occupant of the World Trade Center, as the floors they allegedly occupied are missing and were never built.

For a larger overview see this picture below and you can clearly see that floors 92-100 are an are of the World Trade Center absolutely devoid of any floors.


Compare it to Cantor Fitzgerald's section which has 2 - 1/2 floors and 1 full floor. i.e. 103,104 & 105. (See above diagram)

And in this picture below, taken in 1978, we can als clearly see that the floors where Marsh Mclennan allegedly occupied being conspicuously absent.


Thanks goes to Clive for finding this awesome picture of the Hollow Towers!


One can see after examing the piping system that there are two different configurations of this piping system. The one on the left and right are the same with an apparent change in configuration in the center windows. And since it can be clearly seen to be belching out a thick black smoke, there can be no doubt as to what exactly this system is or was designed to do, especially when combined with the 6 foot tall propane firesticks or candlesticks perched in each windows opening. (Many of these firesticks have apparently run out of fuel or have been turned off)


Whenever making a discovery of this magnitude, it often creates more questions then it answers. What was Marsh Mclennan USA? Who ran this mighty U.S. Corporation, at the absolute top of the Financial food chain?

Was Marsh McClennan USA a CIA front company?


“On 24 July 2001, 6 weeks prior to 9/11 Silverstein took control of the lease of the WTC following the Port Authority decision on April 26.

“Silverstein and Frank Lowy, CEO of Westefield Inc. took control of the 10.6 million-square-foot WTC complex.

"Lowy leased the shopping concourse called the Mall at the WTC, which comprised about 427,000 square feet of retail space.”

“Explicitly included in the agreement was that Silverstein and Westfield ‘were given the right to rebuild the structures if they were destroyed.'’

“In this transaction, Silverstein signed a rental contract for the WTC over 99 years amounting to 3.2 billion dollars in installments to be made to the Port Authority: 800 million covered fees including a down payment of the order of 100 million dollars. Of this amount, Silverstein put in 14 million dollars of his own money. The annual payment on the lease was of the order of 115 million dollars. [1]

Now theres a name which has never been mentioned with regards to WTC ownership. Until now, it has always been Silverstein, Silverstein, Silverstein. Well there was a partner and there were reasons why his name was never part of the cover story. His name is Frank Lowy and he was CEA of Westfield Corp at the time. Frank Lowies name will also become pivotal in understanding just how they might have handled the concourse tenants and their stealthy pre-911 departure from the towers.

A Tangled Web we Weave....


“The mortgaging of the WTC was handled by The Blackstone Group, headed by Peter J. Peterson, current head of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR). The Blackstone Group also bought a piece of Kroll in 1993 at the very same time AIG took over majority control. Henry Kissinger sits on the board of the Blackstone Group.” [2]

Later we also see General Myers coming to sit on the very Corporate Board of AON Corp as a Director. AON was also another of the corporations alleged to have suffered huge casulaties on 9/11.

Lets take a deeper look at some of the close connections between the U.S. Military and the Bush Administration, to Marsh Mclennan USA.

Ambassador L. Paul Bremer, III was named Presidential Envoy to Iraq on May 6, 2003 and in that capacity he served as the Administrator of the Coalition Provisional Authority spearheading the Coalition's program to rebuild Iraq. Bremer accomplished his mission on June 28, 2004 when he handed over power to the interim government of Iraq. His best-selling book, "My Year in Iraq: The Struggle to Build a Future of Hope," tells of the challenges he faced there.

Bremer's mission to Iraq marked his return to government after a 14 year career in business and 23 years in the State Department.

Prior to his assignment to Iraq, Bremer had been Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Marsh Crisis Consulting Company, a crisis management firm owned by the financial services firm Marsh & McLennan. From 1989 to 2000, he was Managing Director of Kissinger Associates, a strategic consulting firm headed by former Secretary of State, Henry Kissinger.

To see the intimacy of this relationship between Military, Government and Corporate fraud on 9/11 at WTC, examine this link here;

Bremer, Newman and Wethington Join IRI Board | International


All of this becomes far more relevant when we understand that of the 3 companies, AON, Marsh McLennan and Cantor Fitzgerald, that they accountd for 44% of all the losses on 9/11.

Oddly enough, these 3 companies also all had something else in common. They all occupied floors at the world trade center which were never built and did not exist on 9/11.

Even more odd, is that AON, Marsh and Cantor shared one other thing in common. All of their alleged employee's bodies were conspicuously absent from the debris pile, as were their desks, chairs, phones, computers and monitors. Which when combined with the fact that they occupied floors which did not exist, makes it fairly easy to summarize that they were all fraudulent victims.


But back to the smoke and piping system installed at what we believe is the 94th floor. All we can say is that it is there. It is observable. And it is belching out thick black fake smoke. A mighty stage prop an acre long and 1200 feet high, on the world largest stage ever made by man, the world trade center in Manhattan. This should erase whatever doubts remained in anyones minds that 911 was indeed a colossal hoax.

[1] http://www.onlinejournal.com/artman/...cle_1261.shtml
[2] http://www.iri.org/news-events-press-center/news/bremer-newman-and-wethington-join-iri-board

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GifSoup.com was working well today and was able to make multiple animated gifs; Please make as many of these as possible, as it makes a better presentation when people can see exactly what it is your speaking of, over and over again, until they see it. These little animated gifs are an excellent tool and resource and highly suggest others make as many of them as possible for all the good proof and evidence shots.



Original link:

Some pertain to this thread and others as well; NIST FOIA 42 dub1 0-10 second mark:

NIST FOIA 42 dub1 10-20 second mark:

Fake Smoke at Pentagon 9/11: Discovered by Napzz​

Fake Smoke machine pumping smoke out of North Tower plane gash:
Discovered by Propaganda​

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Richard Grove worked for Marsh and McLennan was was supposed to be on one of those floors that day. He has a pretty extensive interview with James Corbett and others about it as well as his ongoing podcast. Grove doesn't sound like a crisis actor to me at all - 100% authentic.


Richard Grove worked for Marsh and McLennan was was supposed to be on one of those floors that day. He has a pretty extensive interview with James Corbett and others about it as well as his ongoing podcast. Grove doesn't sound like a crisis actor to me at all - 100% authentic.
Not everyone was a vicsim that day. I do, however, believe many who were on the ground around the buildings that day were actors playing up the chaos, panic, and general discussion about what was occurring.